Lovelynn and Cotton were (and are) two sheep. No. They are one sheep. Hmm.. We see two sheep though. But they both are unique. Both one sheep? Anyway. Cotton and Lovelynn. They read the message on Potamotrygorgeous’ phone. They bleated about options. Option one. Option two. We wondered, would it really matter what you choose? You won’t survive it anyway. And if you will, you won’t live to tell. And if you will, it won’t be for long. And if it is, well.. then there is always option three or four. The girls bleated about Mähmahmah, but we couldn’t decipher what it meant. A three syllable thing, that was it. Chocolate perhaps? If that was the correct guess, sure we could do that.. and we asked whether the girld wanted to go chocolate if that was a verb. Or go to chocolate if that was a city.

Mähmah mah.


Yes, little sheepie. Mah. You capture everything in your bleating. It’s not about the quantity of words, but the quality and you mähster that to a tee. Mäh indeed. But I think you got this walking thing all by yourself as well, don’t you?




No sweat, like the sheep phone said “I got this”. I have two days to go. I’ll figure it out in two days, and then we’ll go Mähmahmah.