Sheep found something funny. Sheep didn’t laugh though. Sometimes you can giggle without chuckling. Sheep had this Mona Lisa smile perhaps. Internally pondering. Sheep talked.


‘Potamotrygorgeous, you started this Sheepspiration Series. I remember the day. I also remember why you started. I remember that it became a plan because you stuck by what you decided to be your first step. I know you didn’t know how things would go, otherwise you would have taken a different route, a straighter one, am I right? You deserve your title well, I urge you to wear it with pride, taking detours in life like that, you recovering perfectionist.’


We still didn’t know what was funny. And we decided to ask.
Sheebo listened while we asked the question.


‘Yes, about the funny part,’ Sheebo said. ‘Don’t you find it odd that counting down isn’t regarded as the same -but only different for being the opposite- thing as counting up? Did you ever ask yourself to what number you will continue your Sheepspirations? Did anysheep ever ask when you would end again? And what would happen when you did end it?’


Eh. No.
Luckily Sheebo didn’t judge us for not knowing. He just listened.


‘Why is it then,’ Sheebo said, ‘that you think then that if you turn your life around, upside down even, and count down, that the ending of the counting will be zero? Or that the counting will or must stop at zero? Or that something will happen at zero? If you were counting in Celsius temperatures, you could go below zero, right? Things would just turn a little colder.. If you were counting your cash digitally you could go below zero. I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, if it’s digitally, no problem virtually or hypothetically lending some cash, right?’


Eh. I didn’t sleep very well here, Sheebo, could you make it a bit clearer for me?
Luckily Sheebo didn’t judge us for sleeping like crap. He knew the reason. And he listened to what we needed him to make a bit more clear for us.


‘Clearer? You mean more clear? Or do you mean more clearly? Be precise here, time is running out. Five hours on the clock.’


Okay, wisemäh.. Make it clearlier for me.


‘Haha. Think about a birth, maybe that clears it up for you a little,’ Sheebo said. ‘When a baby is in the womb still, you have multiple ways of counting him in your life. You’re two weeks pregnant. Seven weeks* (forget that asterix for now). Six months. And when the date is ‘due’, you somehow start counting backwards at the same time. The baby’s due in two weeks, ten days.. two days.. And then still there exists no harsh zero, right? Because you just change vocabulary, change perspective, and say the baby is overdue. See how simple life can be with words? The baby is overdue two days, six days, a week.. And bare (pun intended) with me for just a sec, for we still have time on the clock.. when the baby is actually in your arms.. you have yet another way of counting, right? For he now is one day old, three days, three weeks,. two years..’


So what you are saying, Sheebo, is that counting down is just scribbling down numbers?
Sheebo just listened to our question. He knew he needed to give us time to let it all sink in. He was not to judge, for who was he?


‘You said it yourself, Potamotrygorgeous, words are empty promises,’ Sheebo said. ‘Don’t talk the talk, but walk the walk. Be the change, don’t just talk about it.’


But Sheebo.. when do I .. eh.. when ..
Sheebo was not to judge. He knew this question would come.


‘How about now, Potamotrygorgeous?’         P1100719

‘I mean it. You don’t always get to live in this ratio(nal) world, where zero signifies the absence of a variable. Don’t let anyone ever, I mean like ever, make you believe otherwise. A curve in the road is only visible when you get there..’


‘Now, tie that lace. Wear that smile, and GO. And remember; you got this.’