Sheep falls in the water.
Sheep cannot swim.


Sheep sees other sheep standing at the quay.
Sheep doesn’t know which language other sheep speaks.
Sheep luckily knows many languages.
Sheep says the following:
Helfen Sie mir, ich kann nicht schwimmen, ich werde ertrinken, help me, I can’t swim, I will drown, aidez-moi, je me peux nas nager, je vais noyer, help me, ik kan niet zwemmen, ik ga verdrinken, la’azor li, ani lo yodea lis-chot, ani holech le’ hitbia, aiutami, non so nuotare, sto per annegare, να με βοηθήσει, δεν μπορώ να κολυμπήσουν, εγώ θα πνιγεί, bana yardım, ben yüzmek değil, ben boğulacak.


Other sheep says: wow, I never met a sheep so erudite, I am really impressed with the way you know your languages, and how you are able to speak them all without any accent, and that you even took the time to not write the actual Hebrew letters but made a transliteration of it so that other sheep can actually pronounce the fact that they can’t swim and that they need help, this is really helping me in more ways than you know, it sure inspires me to take up a language myself too, you know, it is really nice to be able to express yourself in so many languages, I mean, you can always relate to at least someone in the world, you are inspiring me, this experience sure is something to take home with me, thanks a bundle!


Sheep drowned.