“I can’t decide!” Elsa had this inner turmoil. And because it was internal, she didn’t look as if she couldn’t decide. But believe us if we say that it was the case.


Granmäh entered the scene. “Relax. Breathe. What are the options?”


“Scooping mashed carrot puree in blue freezer bags,” Elsa replied. “That’s one. Option two is getting freakishly high on life. Third is to try to glue sesame seed to the wall with hair spray.”


“There must be a forth option,” grandmäh said reassuringly. It’s so nice to have a sheep around who has this quality of being able to reassure you. If you don’t have a sheep like that, make that a priority in life. Find her!


“Why is that,” Elsa asked.P1100851

Grandmäh continued: “Because then all the decisions get smaller.”


“Say whut?” Elsa didn’t role on the floor laughing, she rolled on the floor because she couldn’t believe the logic. Sometimes logic isn’t logical.


“Well..,” grandmäh continued, “because I am hungry I am thinking cake here.. If you slice it up in ten pieces, you have smaller pieces than you would have if you chosen to cut it for eight persons. So, again I ask you, what is your forth option?”


“Hihihi, I know!” Elsa giggled. “Making cake!”