Did you hear about all them crazy song titles these days? Sheebo asked Sheebo. The face down, ass up song? It’s disgusting!


Eh, Sheebo answered, well.. I thought we were just out here to have some lazy afternoon in the aftersun?


We are, Sheebo said, ‘but while doing that it can be nice to have some conversation, wouldn’t you say? What are you trying to do?


I am trying to get over this rim here, no pun intended. Could you give me a hand? Again, no pun intended.


Sheebo could not give a hand, for he needed his hands for other things later that evening (no, it’s not what you think). So he just watched Sheebo climb over the ridge himself.


*Hihihi.. no comment..


Yeah. Done. Eh..


You were looking at my ass again, weren’t you Potamotrygorgeous? I heard you giggle, with an asterix in front of it, so I knew you looked!


Hey, Sheebo, don’t get all too worked up about it, you know.. you don’t know what Potamotrygorgeous saw. That’s the beauty with looking back, or with looking at someone’s back side. It’s never the whole package. You don’t see what they see. And they will never see what you see.


I am not trying to be all grown up here, Sheebo, because of course I am the littler one of us two here. But if you give me some space, I can show you what Potamotrygorgeous saw, so you can judge for yourself how you feel about it.


No, no hand needed, I can climb this rim myself.


See me? See the bum? See how I go face down here? Ass up?


Aha! So this is what you always snuggle up against in the bedroom, Potamotrygorgeous! I can sure understand the ass-ination.. eh fascination.


Now, Potamotrygorgeous, YOU turn around for a change.. Face down.. mäh up..