“Good morning Jomo.”


‘Good morning Sheepmund. I must apologize for being late.’


“There are a couple of rules we have to respect here,” Sheepmund says, “but those don’t involve a must to apologize. Must you apologize? Or do you want to?”


‘I want to.’


“And why is that?” Sheepmund asked.


‘Because I don’t want you to judge me for it,” Jomo replied, ‘please, I already know I make a horrible first impression, I knew I shouldn’t have come..’


“I cannot judge you, since I do not know you,” Sheepmund said. “And if I would have known you, I still would not judge. You are here for yourself only. I am just here to make observations. One of them being you are late. We start at 10 am. You know this. I need you to be here at 10 am. You know this. If you are not at 10 am I state a fact, and that is you are late. It’s good that you came, because now you have the opportunity to hear what I have to say about that. Would you like to hear what I have to say?”


‘Oh really? Yes please.’


“Being late can be a form of resistance. Resistance to me,” Sheepmund said. “Or resistance to meeting me. Resistance to talking to me. Resistance to listening to what I have to say. Resistance to experiencing pain. Resistance to change. Resistance to feeling anxiety, or to have certain memories. Resistance to the recognition of feelings towards me or towards yourself. Mind you, I used the word ‘can’, because I do not know the reason for you being late. I consider being late as the same mechanism as having secrets. In either case, you’re not fully here. What was your reason for not being here?”


‘The reason? Traffic.’


“Let me ask you,” Sheepmund said, “did you get caught up in traffic? Or were you hiding in it?”


‘Damn, you’re good..’