“Hello again Jomo.”


‘Hello Sheepmund. I am surprised that I am here again.’


“Why is that?”


‘Because of your last remark. About the cookie, which wasn’t a cookie by the way, but a very dried out rice cracker, which one -and with one I mean me of course, but I didn’t want to say that out loud like the way I am doing anyway now- normally does not eat without a sheepload of peanut butter spread on top, with strawberry jelly or Nutella, but like I said, that’s beside the point. But in my perception I asked you for help and you didn’t give any.’


“And yet you are here, surprised perhaps, but still here.”


‘Eh yeah. I mean, and I am not even mentioning the choosing or not choosing to act your gender part which was confusing as well, and when I got home I had to restrain myself from eating again. Did you know that people spend a quarter of their day resisting temptations? A quarter!’


“Let me ask you, why did you mention the food fuss to me in the first place?”


‘Food fuss? Sheepmund, I said food!’


“And I say food fuss. Why did you mention the food fuss to me in the first place?”


‘Because it is something that is on my mind! The food that is. The fuss is something that you added.’


“You added the fuss thing when you complained. Then you made a fuss about it,” Sheepmund said to Jomo.




“It’s hard for you to accept the fact that you are young. That you are vulnerable. That you are still learning. But I see those three things as a blessing actually. And I have another good thing to say to you: Food is not the problem here. And it never will be. It’s the fuss that you make over it. And that’s something you and I can work with. I promise you that if I give clear cut answers to the food, you will be over that in no time. I will also predict you being back here in the blink of an eye, with another problem you want solved. And when I solve that one for you, you will replace it with yet another problem. I am not your first therapist either, am I?”




“What you do is help-rejecting complaining. You ask for help. No, you seem to ask for help. Then reject it when you receive it and continue to complain. You go on complaining about the same topic, perhaps another topic or perhaps to another person.”


‘Because that’s just because no matter how much I complain to people, I never get a satisfying response!’


“Bingo, it’s because you don’t ask anything. You don’t express your needs. You need to express your needs.”


‘I don’t know how to. Can you teach me Sheepmund, because I don’t know how to.’


“That is a clearly stated need, we definitely can work with that. Let’s get cracking.”