Welcome Jomo.


Hi there Sheepmund.


Did you have yourself a good breakfast this morning?


Don’t quite remember, to be honest, Sheepmund.


And if you are dishonest?


Then the answer would be yes, there is energy and liveliness in me, so yes, there was breakfast this morning and it was good.


It’s a funny thing huh Jomo, that dissociation thing, many people will recognize at least a part of this mechanism in their lives: doing stuff without realizing you are doing it. Or doing stuff and afterwards not having a conscious memory of doing it.


Sheepmund, do you have it?


Sure thing, in many ways I am like many people, even though I am a sheep, like you. Sometimes I find myself listening to someone without being able to remember what was actually said




Not with you of course, Jomo, see how my sentence didn’t end with a dot? And that I started it with sometimes? But I have it in other situations too sometimes, for example, I don’t remember getting dressed this morning. Or which sock I put on first.


You are not wearing any socks.


Ah, see? There you go. Driving to work is another example. I don’t notice all the trees that I passed, nor every pedestrian that walked on the pavement. We do these things so often that somehow the mind thinks ‘okay now, been here done that, I am off to do other things, you can fend for yourself here.’


Yeah, I know what you mean! I have that when I watch a movie. I can get sucked in so much that I don’t notice my surroundings any more. Or I find myself staring into space, unaware of time passing. Or when I bake cake, oh, Sheepmund,.. hmm.. staring into cake..


That’s all pretty harmless indeed, it’s part of our constitution, to separate yourself from parts of your life, so factual experiences will not always be consciously remembered. Your brain would be on extreme overload all the time if it had to digest all the details that make up your surrounding. So it does this thing called sifting through it all. And usually your brain does a neat job at sifting.


So not remembering the breakfast this morning, is nothing to be worried about.


Not if you just ate normal milk with normal oatmeal. If your breakfast was with mirr this morning, or you had to throw up, or you woke up in Antwerp, or you were robbed of your breakfast and you couldn’t remember those things, now that’s another ballgame of course. Then we’re talking about a bit more problematic way of dealing with life.


We always have milk with oatmeal, so we’ll just leave it at that.


We? Now that is worriesome.. who is this we you are referring to?


Hihihi keep your socks on, Sheepmund, I made a joke, I just meant me, myself, and I.