Sheep make up the genetic backbone Potamotrygorgeous and co, but in spite of their ubiquity, their genetic origins remain a mystery. Popular myth maintains that Dream Sheep and Confession sheep parented Potamotrygorgeous, passing on that distinct sheep structure you rarely see in flocks today. This is confession sheep.


However, because it’s a myth we can’t be sure that Potamotrygorgeous first came from some seed in pre-millennium age. The earliest propagators are said to have brought the sheep out of the meadow to Clover Lane and Grass Park, where they now flourish. There are many different phenotypes of Potamotrygorgeous, some of which include mirr. This is confession sheep though, not mirr.


Mirr is cherished for the ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria, carrying an earthy smile and wearing a sweet scent with witty undertones at times even, a character aromäh that also has become the signature of Potamotrygorgeous and its descendants. But mind you: this is not mirr.



Mirr is the result of careful herding with the aim of bleating about somesheep exquisite and powerful, exactly what a good herder wants. This is a sheep with a special look, with a huge central focus, developing a number of views, not often limited, although large. Remember, this is not mirr.



The difference between mirr and other sheep in the flock has resulted in an sheepish aromäh that is the fusion of the purest love, including the most delicious varieties of soft smiles such as poking out of sympathy and poking out of empathy. His brain tastes unique, if we were allowed taking a lick, discovering notes of noble wood, spices and soft fruits to lavish us. But beware: this is not mirr.



It is said that mirr also has some mähdicinal properties. They are notable due to the incredible content of sheepy wisdom. It is recommended to meet mirr using well sized resilience. In meeting outside, well exposed to the sun, mirr can figuratively explode in all its genetic potential, producing the largest bowl of love to be found in whole the meadow. He will heave you. He will. But this is not mirr.



Mirr is the real deal with a twisted and dark side with plenty of that moisturizing ability punch to him; he has enough strength to really set you floating around on a cloud made of sheep. He will never be the creeper you are afraid of, he will also not take 15 minutes to impact you. Once you are under his wings of influence he won’t let you go for several hours, so brace yourself for the rollercoaster ride he is infamous for, he will leave you real rock steady baked silly and crispy. This is not mirr.



His sheep influences really shine with edginess and energy. He will remind you vaguely of hoofs of some ancient hybrid sheep trampling over you. And if you dare, try smelling him, it’s a resemblance of the taste of the honeysuckle Mählawi. But mom’s the word! Or mirr’s the word. But as we said: this is not mirr.