Sheebo likes to travel. But. He likes going to the same place over and over again. Take the same train. At the same hour. He enters at the same door. Sits in the same cabin. Goes to the same city, exits at the same exit, walks the same streets, eats the same sandwiches, at the same places. Only the movies that he sometimes goes to see are different, but that is more because movies just don’t air eternally, otherwise perhaps he would even go see the same movies. Oh and the food is different sometimes too, for the same reason as the movies.. But, like we said, Sheebo likes to travel, and with that fact we can get a long way. What we did to bridge the gap between just walking around in unknown air or keep walking the same route, we bought him a map, so he can get himself acquainted with the unfamiliar.


‘Potamotrygorgeous, we exit the train here, that is inevitable. It’s the mäh station of Antwerp, we must exit there, otherwise where would we exit?’

We told Sheebo that Antwerp has more than one stations and that it is even worth your while to enter at the back side, you even never knew the station had a back side, or a side entry for that matter, but it does. While walking there you walk along the Jewish neighborhood or Antwerp, also called little Jeruzalem. So.. there are more than one exits at the station. We told Sheebo that at the ‘other’ side of his mäh station you can rent bikes for the whole day, even for free if you play it right. This makes for swifter transportation to all places unknown. And if he doesn’t like it there, it gives swift transportation away from exactly those places. Win for us, win for him!


‘Potamotrygorgeous, normally I just walk here, you know, it’s called Meir, but it sounds like mäh, see? It’s only logical that I walk here!’

We told Sheebo that to really get to know Antwerp, if that is his wish of course, he should stray from the routes that everysheep takes. If everysheep goes right, you can choose to go right. You can never walk off the planet so every road leads to somewhere eventually, and when it doesn’t you can turn right again, or left.


‘Potamotrygorgeous, we need to go here!’

Hmm.. this is a good choice, because you are picking out a street you have not walked yet. And if we may suggest something? Don’t do all the touristy stuff, like visiting mähseums.. There is a fitness center there, just around the corner of where you want to go. I would suggest you wiggle that fluffy ass over to that place when you get there and have yourself some good workout.. Afterwards, or beforewards, you can visit a lovely bakery that is also around another corner, where they make incredibly good rye bread with raisins. It’s partially because of these cookies that Antwerp is called cookie city. That would be something to experience, wouldn’t you say? At least it’s something different than all the chocolate you always gobble up.


‘Potamotrygorgeous, I want to visit the end of the map too! I just need to go here, because Kiribati is a bit too far for now.’

We told Sheebo that he sure is getting the hang of tripping out of his comfort zone like this. It’s a nice idea to look at a map, close your eyes and just point to a location to visit. Or to search for where the end of the map is, and decide to go there. Luckily one of Europe’s best art house cinemas is located in that area you are pointing to, so we are happy to tag along. It’s a real different kind of cinema, with avant-garde and experimental films, cult classics, curiosities and edgy movies, so don’t expect Morgan Freemäh to appear on screen.

And to top it off.. close by is another bakery, called Dellafaille. Visiting that would be eh.. icing on the cake?


‘Will you be coming too, Potamotrygorgeous? And then show me how we should walk?’


‘I will get myself that ticket right away!’