Hello Jomo, welcome.


Thank you, Sheepmund, hello to you too, you all cried out?


Yes, thank you for your inquiry, Jomo I didn’t know what came over me last time. Oh well, I do know, but that’s perhaps for a later time, when you can handle me talking about myself in a session.


‘I object!’ Jomo screamed. ‘I can handle everything! Sometimes I just choose not to handle everything. I am incredibly strong, you wouldn’t believe. I don’t even feel the need to prove it, not even physically, nor mentally. I have yet to meet the person who can overthrow me. And I will not meet them, because many sheep are just beneath me, you know.. not to sound condescending, I am just observing facts.’


Do you consider yourself to be a special sheep that way, Jomo?


I don’t consider that, no. I feel that it’s true. I know it. It’s a hard life even, you know, because many sheep just don’t come close to my abilities. It’s a lonely existence, Sheepmund.


Hmm.. so what you are actually saying is that the source of everything that happens is you?




Well Jomo, you come across as having some sort of image of yourself as incredibly powerful, influential. Irresistible even.


Yes. So?


Somesheep show this kind of omnipotence to deal with stressors, internal or external stressors, or emotional conflict. They then feel or act as if they possess special powers or abilities. Think of an animal, who makes himself bigger than he factually is, only intended to fend off expected hurt. Perhaps in your case it is not hurt in a physical way, but hurt in having to acknowledge your shortcomings, inadequacies, or limitations. You know, the louder you talk, the smaller you come across..


So you are saying that I am small?


What I am saying, Jomo, is that I see you distancing yourself from awareness of something, whether it is unpleasant feelings, behaviors or thoughts. You know.. irrational wishes, fears, selfish needs, unacceptable sexual desires, shameful experiences, immoral urges, violent motives, .. take your pick .. I would be curious to find out what is it you want to defend yourselves against.. and don’t get me wrong, Jomo, it can be quite helpful to defend yourself, but sometimes mechanisms become counter-productive.


And you say it’s now counter-productive?


Let’s not answer such a big question with a small yes or a small no. Let me answer your question by saying that I don’t mind putting in a lot of work with you, because ‘a lot’ is extremely subjective. I know that I am the right sheep for you to work with. I am motivated and dedicated to this relationship and I know I have the right qualities.


Now Sheepmund, isn’t that a bit omnipotentely said?