Potamotrygorgeous, or mirr, or Confession sheep, or Mister Mähverick (haven’t heard from him in a while!), or Dream sheep says it’s important to keep the good dreams alive. And when you have a bad dream, just think that it was just that, a bad dream.

Point of view from the little one.
McSleepy is young. And young sheep still dream, but he didn’t know whether it was a good dream or a bad dream. It was just a dream. It was a dream about his father. Or maybe it was not a dream, but in a dream state that their souls met in the moment that he passed away. The same way you have to pass the forth floor when you come down from the fifth, so did in the dream, or dream state, they met. His father smiled and in his nod McSleepy knew he silently said something that he could not ever knew or admit while alive.
McSleepy replied to the nodding: ‘I told you so.’
His father smiled again.
McSleepy replied to the smiling: ‘I told you heaven existed.’
His father answered with his eyes.
He seemed happy and without words he hugged McSleepy goodbye in his heart; there was no touching, this was the best embrace that ever existed in the world, it was a touching of all what was inside of McSleepy.
McSleepy made a promise: ‘Meet you there when the time comes, all right?’
He saw his father be silently happy.
McSleepy lavished in seeing this happiness: ‘Will you watch over me a little, will ya?’
He saw his father smiling again and exhaling.
McSleepy felt as if the wind from his father’s exhaling gave him air: ‘I am so glad you came to say goodbye.’


Point of view from the big one.

McSleepy is old and he quit dreaming, he had said goodbye already, to his nightly escapes from waking reality, but also to reality, or the infiniteness thereof. He knew he came with an expiration date, and that the date was nearing. But he didn’t know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. It was just near. And then.. he did fall asleep.. and in that dream he met his child. It wasn’t a dream about his child, it was a dream about his child’s dream about him. He knew this was the time; their souls met in the moment that he was nearest, their souls met in the moment that he passed away. The same way you have to pass the second floor when you come down from the third, it was the same way in the dream; they met.

Upon seeing his child he felt his whole body nodding: ‘so this is it.’
His child replied to the nodding.
Mcsleepy smiled silently and replied: ‘you were right.’
His child confronted the smile, but in the most gentle and loving way.
McSleepy eyes didn’t blink, for he was stunned about this reality and he said: ‘yes you did.’
His child knew that his father could have never said this out loud when he was still alive.
McSleepy felt free and without regret. He had lived, yes he had lived. He felt happy even and felt soulclose to his child, whom he hugged in spirit.
And while they hugged his child uttered a few words.
McSleepy answered the promise: ‘yes, I would really like that.’
His child asked a rhetorical question.
McSleepy smiled and exhaled: ‘I will always be around.’