We found a cutie pie sheepie in the bed. He was chirping and gnashing, which are unusual sounds for a sheep. We asked what was up.

‘I am sick, Potamotrygorgeous,’ dreamsheep said. ‘But to be honest with you, that word does not mean that much to me. Because if I would say I am sick, that does not immediately imply that I do not want to feel that way, or does it now? Maybe I should better say I feel unfine.’


Mkay, this has been quite a while since we had illness in the wings. That we had somesheep under the weather (or under the duvet). That one felt sick as a dog, a dog that is supposed to guide and guard the flock.. so sick as a puppy.. sick as a sheep. Was this sheep just worried sick? Sick and tired of something? Or was there actually something wrong with him? We decided not to use the sick word any more, for it made it a bit nauseous ourselves and it was a long night for us as well. Well.. nights are always the same length, but.. you know.. We asked Dreamsheep to spend the day with us, maybe that would chipper him up a bit.


But to take that first step when you’re feeling down and out. How to get out of bed? Because by the looks of this picture there is just bed and there is just floor. No dimension. Right?


Wrong. It was a long way down, especially if you are a small sheep. And if you feel unfine, like he said, it’s quite a jump down. No stairs, nothing.


Dreamsheep eventually made it out of bed.


‘You’re ready to go, sweetie? We want to take you with us, make us some coffee.’


Dreamsheep wasn’t that unfine, just between you and me, for he was perfectly capable of walking to the kitchen himself. But let’s just keep that between you and me, okay?


‘Hey Potamotrygorgeous, you’re gonna hang this bamboo curtain up again? I know sticky hooks don’t stick forever, but come on, new sticky hooks can be bought, so you can hang that curtain up again, not everything has to lie on the floor. It’s a bit messy now.’


‘This is what I mean, just hang the curtain up.’


Dreamsheep was not that unfine at all. We found him in the kitchen before we got there, where he hid in the fridge. ‘Look, Potamotrygorgeous, this is to cool off a bit, as I am running a fever, I can feel it!’


Well, while he was in there, he might as well get us some coffee creamer. Get us two cups, will you, sweetie?


‘Two cups? Do you have two cups of milk in one cup of coffee?’


‘Two coffee in one cup?’


‘Next thing would be in the picture is two cups, right? What’s up with this two-of-everything? Are you expecting company? Why two?’


Should we have replied? Should we have said that we just like waking up like this, having two cups of coffee to wake up and that the two mugs were just to mess with Dreamsheep’s mind. Because having two cups of coffee doesn’t necessarily mean you actually have TWO cups in sight. Instead of all this thinking we asked Dreamsheep to help us make the coffee. ‘Press the blue button, sweetie.’


Dreamsheep decided to press the button with his ass.


And now see the heavenly color dripping down from technology. Or in gustatory better sounding words: here comes the coffee.


‘I still feel unfine, Potamotrygorgeous!’ Dreamsheep said, ‘but knowing you are here with me, waking up as well, feeling under the same weather as me, having that other cup of coffee with me, does make me a little better.’