How do you live the rest of your life in just a few days? Dreamsheep is touched deeply by a succession of what seemed to be coincidence, or triviality, but we don’t believe in that any more. This is her secret: dreamsheep reads. Dreamsheep reads books. Dreamsheep reads books with titles that lure. Like some people order a surprise menu when they go out to eat in a restaurant where they can’t even read the menu (stay tuned, because we will do that too!) dreamsheep likes to be this open-minded as to the title of a book. Or the cover. If the cover is somehow moving, touching, weird, stupid, funny, colorful, or off.. she tries to get a hold on it and read it. The same goes for titles. The title of this book was wonderful: same kind of different as me. This is the only thing dreamsheep knew about the book. Just this title. She didn’t even look on goodreads what the book was about. And when she got a hold of a copy, she opened it and since then is moved, touched, changed even.. this was exactly what she needed to read, not even in her lifetime, but especially this periode of her life.

Tomorrow she will finish the book.

And next year, we will go see the movie: https://youtu.be/v8MWxtpjVp8