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‘I wonder in how many years I will meet a girly friend to talk to,’ Lovelynn said.


‘I wonder why I must meet a male friend to cuddle with’, Elsa said.


‘I wonder why I sometimes fancy girls and sometimes I don’t. But most of all I really would like Potamotrygorgeous to read to me again,’ Sheebo said.


Three sheep. Three thoughts.


Three sheep. Three thoughts. One gift!


‘Oh, what ebullience! This just puts us in high spirits! Potamotrygorgeous told us there was a post-it on the wall with the recurring mantra of treating yourself more, but words are just words. We love to see them put into action, and here we are, thrilled beyond thrilled.’


‘Okay then, let’s take a look.’


‘Can you hold it open with me, Lovelynn? Elsa then can take the third flap to unfold this package.’


‘What could it be? We heard Potamotrygorgeous talk about glass pots, to put all the different flavors of casein in, but glass can’t be folded. We heard Potamotrygorgeous talk about getting a new cover for the couch, but four square meters can’t be folded to a size like this. We heard.. well.. we heard more, and all those things just can’t be folded.’


‘You guys, it looks like a book or something?’ Elsa said.
‘Yippiieeee, I’m gonna be read to,’ Sheebo cheered.


‘A card! Potamotrygorgeous, would you read what it says?’


Sure we will. It’s handwritten, wow, if only we could handread it, but let’s stick with just read it.


‘The great mähtsby?’ Elsa tried reading.
‘The mäh gatsby?’ Lovelynn guessed.
‘Wow, I hadn’t even noticed these lovely ladies here next to me,’ Sheebo thought blushful. ‘The Great Gatsmäh’, he tried out loud.


‘Read it to us, Potamotrygorgeous!’


‘Hello Elsa, I am Lovelynn, nice to meet you,’ Lovelynn said.
‘You guys, come check this out, this is a word that I recognize!’


‘You guys! Sorry, you girls!’


‘See what is says here?’


Sure our sheep saw what was written.


‘Is it your book, Potamotrygorgeous?’
We told our sheep that the book was ours. Well.. it wasn’t a book, it was a book cover for holding an e-reader, which would hold many books, and the cover was ours. And with ours we meant that it belonged to everysheep in the flock. The same way they share a bed, the same way they share a love, the same way they can share stories (or coffee!). But this wasn’t just any cover. It’s a cover with two sides. Yes it belongs to us, that’s why we had it engraved. But because it is ours, we now can choose to share it with the flock. Would you hold it open, sweeties?


‘Yippppppieeeee,’ Elsa said. She forgot that she was looking for male companionship.
‘Yippiieeeee,’ Lovelynn said. She forgot that she was looking for a female friend.
‘Oooooooh, I am such a lucky sheep, sitting here next to two pretty lady mähs,’ Sheebo said. He forgot that he wanted to be read to.


So we shook up the flock a little. We didn’t quite gave them what they thought they wanted. We gave them so much more.


‘This is more than a book.’
‘This is about giving gifts.’
‘This is about taking care or yourself.’
Three sheep. Three thoughts. All of them were right. One truth.