You don’t need much if you have sheep. You don’t need much if you have books. You don’t need much if you have eh.. evaporated milk? Okay then. Triproading it is! Sheebo is under(his)way again to spend the day abroad. And because he apparently needs to break at least one rule, or challenge the definition of it he borrowed two different kinds of coffee milk. Potamotrygorgeous forgot to defrost ALL the food that we have packed for this trip so we hope that Belgium is extremely hot today! Otherwise it is cheese-ice-cake. And red-ice-cabbage with eh .. more ice? Well, at least we got lukewarm milk.


Officially and secretly and without hardly noticing we crossed a border and all that without a show of hands. No opening of bags. No frisk searching, nothing. Nobody even noticed we changed countries.. The whole Europe open border thing is good for the soul because it implies trust. How wonderful that this is actually possible. But trust must be shown too, in action, for a belief, no matter how sincere, if not reflected in reality isn’t a belief; it’s a delusion.


And when you are in another country, you speak differently. So here we go. Sheebo.waiting.for.the.train.


It’s so weird thinking why so many people take a camera with them, for it captures the non-essence of a scenery. The colors are off, the panoramic view is gone, the smells are absent, the sound is turned down. Why (and how?) can you relive being somewhere by looking at pictures, we wonder.. but then again.. a picture could perhaps be just a small key to open a drawer that you closed a while ago because a person just can’t live with all drawers open!


It was exciting to enter the Court of Justice, being frisked and looked up and down, having to hand over all our belongings. Even Sheebo went through the x-ray scanner. We hoped that the scanner would defrost our red cabbage, but it didn’t. And when we were in the building, all limits were gone. We could press all the buttons in the elevator, exiting on all floors, walk everywhere..


Hmm.. roaming an empty building wasn’t that much fun, we hoped that somesheep had forgotten to close off some rooms, so we could actually enter a court room, but it seemed as if nobody was working that day. Or they were all in jail? By this time our frozen ice was de-frozen, so Sheebo sat down to have his cake and eat it too. Oooh, next time, next time, next time, we have so many plans for next time! Triproading.