*not about sheep*

A syrup that is calorie free, dairy free, carb free, sugar free, fat free, gluten free. Wow, everything free?

Nothing in life is free.. Walden Farms tries selling their syrup to you with lush words like “premium natural cocoa beans, real chocolate, and other natural flavors…but no calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind! Delicious on ice cream, in a smoothie, to make chocolate milk or wherever your imagination takes you.” Okay, sounds pretty good so far, right?



They forgot to mention what ARE the ingredients though, or at least elaborate on them, so check it out for yourself if you want and THEN decide where your imagination takes you, or just follow our line of reasoning.

Because although this syrup may be free of a lot of things that perhaps you would not want to pour over your pancakes, instead it does contain a questionable, not to say dangerous, synthetic additive, E211, also known as sodium benzoate, which has the ability to cause damage to cells. The damage is so severe that the DNA in the mitochondria is totally inactivated.

What does Walden have say about this synthetic chemical? They choose to let you know that they added this preservative “to preserve freshness”.

Having pancakes like this doesn’t sound that appealing any more all of a sudden.. let’s just give them kids something to drink, right?

Sodium benzoate also shows up in orange soft drinks. Some drinks even contain up to 25mg per bottle (250ml). If you would know that the lethal dose for this preservative is said to be 5mg per kg bodyweight, you do the math of how much your kid is safe to drink.

Okay, no pimped pancakes then, let’s give them kids a little to drink, combined with a healthy piece of fruit?

Sodium benzoate causes another problem, as the combination of this chemical with Vitamin C forms a chemical called benzene, a cancer-causing chemical associated with leukemia and other blood cancer.

We didn’t create that livethatfuckinglife-hashtag on instagram for nothing, because how do you live the rest of your live in just a few days?

We invite Walden Farms International to feel ‘free’ to react.