Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night?

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a sheep?

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a sheep called Sheebo?

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a sheep called Sheebo telling you that he can’t sleep?

Yeah, thought so. We will have our pay-back someday, little mäh. Maybe when you have just rested your ears and paws and stretched your wool and legs, and closed your eyes and mouth. Maybe then it will be us who wake you up. Shall we say half past six tomorrow? In the morning that is..


Sheebo could not sleep. That was because last night something broke. His sleep broke. Because a device broke. And although sheep do not get that attached to ‘things in life’, this thing was a means to a goal that he did got a bit attached to, and that was the phenomenon of fluff. But we had no idea what he meant! He kept saying fluff this and fluff that. First we thought he was cursing, but then he took us to the store.

Is this it, Sheebo? You mean  you are getting fluffier and want to see how much you weigh?


Hmm.. apparently not. Do you want to ride fluffy clouds and pretend this hair curling thingy is a rocket towards the sky?


Apparently not. What then Sheebo. Is your fur too fluffy and you need us to blowdry it?




Oops.. almost got caught in the fluff sucker.


But what is it you need then, sweetie? Is your fluffy fur looking like an afro and you want us to iron that out?


Or do you want to be more fluffy and make waffles? (we’re up for that by the way..)


Making waffels vertically then?


You are warming up to the idea of waffles yet, aren’t you?


Let’s get some juice to go along with it. Waffles and juice. It’s like peanutbutter and jelly. Or tit and tat. Or spaghetti and stains you can never get out of your white dress (oh, the memories of that..)


Is it a jay or a nay on that juice?


Old fashioned coffee then?




New fashioned coffee?


Here is when Sheebo was tired of showing us around the store. To be honest, we were a bit done ourselves. By now we were longing for waffles with new fashioned coffee and we put Sheebo down for a second. Oh boy, we didn’t know it was a copying machine.. will there be two Sheebos after this story?


‘Yes, Potamotrygorgeous,’ Sheebo said, ‘and the bigger Sheebo will help me make you that fluff. But only if you let me sleep tomorrow morning.’