Once there where three sheep. All three would end up wanting something. And all three would end up asking something different. Because that’s just it with sheep: by default they must not always know what’s good for them. But first let us do the introductions.


This is pink lady.


And this is pink lady and blueberry.


Pink lady and blue berry are waiting for sheep number three.


And here she comes.


Help her up, guys!


There she is, she is called Lovely. So, here we are. Three sheep, with a ‘want’. And later we will see that a ‘want’ is not always a need. And therefore does not always ‘needs’ to be fulfilled, at least not always the way you thought it would be.


‘I want to herd myself for a change, Potamotrygorgeous. You think I can herd myself, what do you think? If I pretend to be a doggie and sit up pretty like a dog, you think I am mäh enough to herd myself?’, pink lady tried.


‘Oh, this is good,’ Lovely said. ‘Lead by example, not that I am now a sheep in your flock, but I am my own doggie and I too want to herd myself!’


And of course, since they’re sheep, blueberry also tried sitting pretty like a dog in the hope of becoming able to herd himself.


But there was a big thing missing. And it wasn’t the sun behind them settling down, which they also missed out on, but it was even bigger than the sun. We said earlier that a want is not the same as a need. But we wondered something else: If they were the herder, who would be the sheep? Where were they?


They shouldn’t have looked back. Or up. But down. If they had done that, they would have seen what was missing.


‘Hey you guys!’, pink lady said. ‘This is just a ledge we’re on. There is no ground, no solid ground, nothing to walk on, so we have nothing to stand on, nothing to fall back on, nothing that will carry us.’


Blueberry -being a sheep- obviously followed the voice of pink lady and checked it out himself. He too saw the same. Just a ledge. Nothing underneath but abyss. There need to be herders. But there also need to be sheep. If there are only herders, who will they herd? And if there are only sheep, they will maybe walk in the abyss?


‘Really? A ledge?’ Lovely was third to find out that all this time they had it going for themselves, being grown up so much already, looking forward and not back because that was not the way the flock was going any more. But by looking forward you must -so they found out- do two things instead of one. The first thing they had mastered a little, and that is set your eyes on a horizon and just keep straddling forwards. The second thing was to look down from time to time, to see whether the ground you are walking on is still good soil. But they only had one pair of eyes each..


‘Maybe we can change the interpretation of this picture posing, Potamotrygorgeous?’ the three sheep asked. ‘That we won’t be like doggies to herd ourselves, because we can’t do two things at the same time, not at this age anyway. Somesheep has to keep an eye out for us, and either keep the bigger picture in mind (or sight) or worry about the details along the way. And there needs to be a herder AND a sheep.. Can we do some sort of trade with you?’


‘This looks better already’,  blueberry said. Two sheep would frolic and I could be the one herding..’


‘Yes, or this arrangement, where only pink lady herds, and we are the following sheep in the flock’,  Lovely and blueberry said.


‘But.. we have another option,’ the three sheep said. ‘Because today, especially because of the sun setting on a Sunday, we have discovered a pebble in the road. The day is long, the road is long, the stones are many..’


‘Carry us all today, please?’