When do you know whether dreams come true?



How do you know if a dream has come true?



How do you know if what happens what you always dreamt about is not a dream?



And if it is indeed a dream, would you want to wake up from it?



What would be your reality then?


McDreamy had a dream this morning. We woke him up during.


It’s the best way to remember dreams. To wake up while you are having them. Because then you have the best of both worlds. You have clear language and you have fuzzy dreams. And when you combine the two, here’s what you get..


‘Potamotrygorgeous!’ McDreamy shouted, ‘I am so happy that the flock is up! I don’t think there is any better feeling than that slight micro second between knowing you are dreaming and knowing you are not. And in that exact second you woke me up!’


‘And it’s beautiful outside too, I see. The autumn is coming along quite gracefully, I must say.’


‘Oh, but the dream, I almost forgot that I am awake! Let me tell you about my dream.’


‘I could draw it on a piece of paper if you would give me one. A white paper, flat, not square because the road ahead of my dreams was longer than the sight between the width of my eyes. There was an underground railway on the ride side of me. And increasingly few people ahead. I mean, the further I looked, the lesser people I saw.’


‘It was late somehow. It was late all of a sudden. I saw a man with my left eye, he was nearly in front of me, on the left side of the pavement. I don’t remember if it was me or him riding a bike, but there was a bike involved, and there was movement. I made a sound to the man and before he could speak I knew he had to be Belgian. I had persistence in my sentence and now, awake, I think I was lost. Or at least looking for someone. Was I supposed to pick someone up? Or be somewhere on time? The man didn’t agree to walk with us, but did slow his pace and we neared an exit, where stairs would lead us back up again, and we saw the light.’


‘”There is this protestant with me”, I heard the guy say. He was talking to a screen. I think it was a screen where was paying for something. You know, some sort of touch screen. It was square. I am not sure why he mentioned the term protestant. Was he referring to me? Was I supposed to pick up mister miyake? I would have found him all by myself, I promise you, you cannot miss him if I tell you what to look for. That I promise. Unless he is wearing a hat, by the way. “There is this protestant with me”, the man said to the screen. We had to make a choice; keep looking and waiting for that man standing at the screen on our right, a little behind us, the wall was dark and brittle. Or would we continue straight ahead and into the light.’


Okay, then what happened, sweetie?


‘Then you woke me up!’


‘So I am just going to start may day, knowing that whatever needs to be lit today, will be lit. Even when it’s dark, and even when I am dreaming. I can see that I am the only believer here, my slippers are looking at me like ..’


‘But that is totally fine. I am not my slippers.’


‘See how they are eyeballing me full of disbelief? Weird slippers, you know. Because in language UP is mostly meant as something positive or happy. Think of getting back ‘up’ on your feet. Or ‘rising’ to the occasion. That implies going up too. I mean.. one never falls, descends or sits down to the occasion.’


‘And this doesn’t count as falling to the occasion. This is just called gravity combined with bad motor skills!’


*this sheep is weird, just our luck, to be the slippers on the weirdest sheep on a Monday*


‘See how I am back UP at my feet again? It’s so nice to play with language like this..’


‘Because it allows you to talk about dreams, but metaphorically speaking, you can also create something to fall back upon.’