Rosa and Lucy had two questions.

p1110627They didn’t really have a question, not in the same way they ‘had’ slept well, or that they ‘had’ been sitting here for five minutes, waiting for this sentence to complete itself, nor did they ‘have’ a question the same way you can ‘have’ a bag.

“Hey Lucy, Potamotrygorgeous already started this story, turn around girl!” Rosa said.


The two sheep would just speak some words and that somehow would become a question.


The first words would string together, forming a question because of the content of the sentence.


The second question became a question because it really was one. We’ll get to the bag later.


Question one. Rosa posed it: ‘What if the person next to you is not the person who’s in your heart..’


Question two. Rosa posed this one too. Not Lucy. We didn’t say that the two sheep had one question each. Both of them had two. That’s the trick with groups, you never know the individual any more. Maybe Lucy agreed with the questions and just sat there waiting for the bag to open. So Rosa posed question number two: ‘Can you choose between explaining to me the difference between an excuse and a reason or saying yes or no to the statement that love is a friendship?’


Luckily we could skip both questions and go straight to the bag. Thank sheep for bags! Or thank herder for bags, for it was probably Potamotrygorgeous who brought it home. Lucy had an idea of the content.