Mummy, will you tell me about me when I was young?


When you were young, Gustav, I marveled at you. Just like I do now.


Marvel? What does marvel mean?


Let me try to explain what marvel is. You charmed me. You were a sensation to me. I was surprised by what came over me in your presence. That’s why I kissed your mouth.


I was stunned by your presence. You left me wondering, without leaving me. In amazement I was when you came into my life. You were a miracle. I was awestruck. That’s why I touched your tummy.


Your arrival brought excitement. I felt a great happiness and could not stop staring at you. You were beyond what I expected; more than that. I was in awe. You were the best celebration I could have in my life. That’s why I held your feet.


You have to see love only once to know what love looks like. And I knew when I saw you.


And ever since then I had run towards -or away- from that feeling, but I could not stop feeling. That feeling of love. For you.


And you can pull my ear any time. Sometimes I will not answer. Sometimes I will not come. Sometimes you just have to fight for yourself. But remember always: if that happens, should you observe me leaving you, never feel I abandoned you, for I am never away. In my absence I teach you great things: strength that you can do things yourself.


I taught you this: don’t let your anger be of the bad kind.


I also have great hopes for you when you grow up. I talked about this with your father, you look very much like him, you know.


Your father and I brought you into our life, into our world, and we marveled at you. Both of us we did.


So when you do grow up, we hope that someday you will look back.


Upon us, the ones who marveled at you.


And we hope that you may bring with you somesheep lovely. Make it somesheep who makes you marvel. You will know when you feel it, for you have to feel it only once to know how it feels.