There are four seasons. But only in a year. There are seven days. But only in a week. There are thirty-something days. But only in a month. There are twenty-four hours. But only in a day. Now, there are two tablet sizes. But nothing to put them in. Sixty seconds in a minute. Sixty minutes in an hour. But two tablet sizes, in..? In a what? In nothingness! That is just undoable!


“Potamotrygorgeous, I cannot decide. I really just can’t. Both sizes seem just fine to me. The one being bigger, the other being smaller. But both are equally fine. How must I know which one is right for me?”


James fell back again, not choosing could perhaps also be an option, he thought, but then he would have nothing. That would be the result of not choosing. Not choosing therefore is also a choice. But it would leave him without a tablet. And he started thinking that maybe he didn’t really need one. But that is usually the line of thinking if one cannot decide.


“Potamotrygorgeous, could you help me?”


“I have the sizes of  both tablets here represented on two pieces of paper. I did that because abstract terms don’t mean that much to me. If somesheep would say a concrete 7 inch, I again don’t understand that, for I was born in a centimeter world, and not an inch world.”


“But even in centimeters seventeen centimeters diagonally again doesn’t make any sense. A diagonal is a side you cannot even hold in your hand.”


“And even if I was able to do this Pythagoras thing and know I am working with length and width, even then.. you know,.. it’s just numbers.”


“So this would be the smaller tablet. What do you think?”


“Or this one? This is the bigger one, see?”


We knew what troubled James. It was not the tablet per se. It wasn’t about material stuff in more general terms even. It was about him. He felt so blessed already with all these technological devices. Where did he deserve the blessing for the duvet dryer that Potamotrygorgeous let him use some time. And what about the blender for making delicious desert? And what about the blue tooth thingy for playing music without a cord? So many things he really did not necessarily need. And now this..


But James couldn’t yet speak about what was really troubling him. Really getting in touch with his deeper feelings, -feeling worthy-, was a bridge too far for now, and he thought he could make a decision based on asking a question:


So he wrote on both tablets. ‘This one..’ it read on the one tablet.


And he ended the question with writing on the other tablet.


“Hmm..” James said. “This is exactly my problem, how could I have thought that sounding the question out loud, in ink, would make it easier..”


“I cannot decide! They are both equally fine! The one is just bigger than the other. The other is just smaller than the one.”




“Nah, leave it.. I think I will sleep about it just one more day.”


Okay. You do just that, sweetie. We will see you later, we’ve got some early christmäh shopping to do.