In learning to live with missing mirr, we can say that we learnt so much from him:

  1. Don’t always turn up the volume of what you are saying; reject the notion that if you just talk louder, people will listen.
  2. Be a light for people, but don’t blind people with it.
  3. Can you differ with somesheep morally but still accept him relationally?
  4. His intolerance of rivals is not because he is insecure of jealous.
  5. What you believe, is irrelevant unless it’s grounded in fact.
  6. He woke us with a healthy dose of humility and introspection.
  7. He urged us to be insulated, not isolated.
  8. Oh, how we could learn so much still.. about discerning making judgments from being judgmental.
  9. He called us wealthy and posed that wealth becomes a problem only when it is the primary pursuit of your life.