You were looking for a way to rob me, weren’t you? The girl was naked. Somehow I knew it before I opened up her coat. It had been a long time since I’d seen a female’s breast like that. It was as if she was an Eve, but somehow a coat was hung over her, to protect her, or to disguise her from who she was. Maybe she was the one feeling ashamed. She did the same trick on anyone who sat in close proximity to her, on her right.


Something about beautiful blue eyes; why did I even fall for it, for my eyes aren’t even blue. And even when it became clear that she was looking for money, asking for money, looking at me, probably wondering where I kept mine, so she could steal it, there was still something underneath her, as if the naked body under her coat wasn’t the barest she was. I saw something underneath her nakedness.


Was she evil? Was she scared? Hurt? I wondered whether she was able to really look in the mirror. And while she complimented me, she looked at my breasts. I don’t know what to do here, I said. It’s just money, you know. I can sit here and talk to you, but I don’t know if that is gonna do any good. I don’t know if I should take you home? Of buy you dinner? I couldn’t also understand why she was not cold. Her coat was hanging open, mine was closed and even I wished it was lengthtier and bigger and ticker.


Was I in Antwerp again, sitting on that cold rust colored bench in the middle of the hall? When I got up, someone’s money came out of the ATM. The device stood right in front of the girl; between us now, because I was standing. Out came bills of twenty; or were they fifties? There were quite a few, I knew that even before all of them came out. Somehow you know a lot of money is coming out of the ATM if you must count beyond three.


It was not my task to protect. To protect the girl, to protect the money of this unknown invisible ATM person. And if I did protect the money, I would immediately show mistrust to the girl. Why are you here, I asked the girl. How did you end up here? And for long already?