Sheebo fired Potamotrygorgeous from being in love. After that there came an unexpected but anticipatory grief on which we took an advance. Blinds were closed, mirrors were put up everywhere. It’s the same reflections people use to pretend it’s not them but their reflection who’s doing the drugs. And even when the truth is staring you in the mirrored face, you can always close your eyes and make it go away. It was not the door that closed that hurt the most. Because the closing of a door doesn’t last. It’s done in a split second, you know. Boom. Closed. It’s what comes after that. The perpetuum non-mobile of that door; not swinging open again. Shut for good. Or for bad. That is a lasting thing. Something can forever be closed. The same way the one staring at you in the mirror will always. Be. You.