Sheebo, what did you do?!


Let’s try to write out loud what Sheebo was thinking.


This is what Sheebo was thinking:
‘Potamotrygorgeous, you want this.’
‘Potamotrygorgeous, you need this.’


And while two Sheebo’s tried undoing the huge box by its sticking tape we thought.. want.. need.. There is not much we want. There is not much we need. We perhaps need the gift of discernment, to distinguish the two. A want is not a need. Don’t confuse you needs with wants. And what we needed, would not fit a box. Would it?


And we thought Sheebo thought the following:
‘Hey, potamotryponderous, would you stop it already with all the head activity?’


While the two sheep folded open the huge box we remembered that the reason we started this herder-ship is not what it brought us in the end. Sheep teach us a lot about life. Sheebo told us at least two things. The first thing is that size does not matter. The smallest sheep lives with us in Antwerp. The smallest! The second thing Sheebo told us is that quantity does also not matter. The only sheep to live with us in Antwerp is him. The one! More sheep never means more love. At least not if it would make you believe in a world where you would believe in less sheep means less love.


And while folding the flap of the huge box to the side Sheebo told us a third thing. That fetishes exist.


And we thought: Sheebo is probably thinking this:
‘you mentioning the ass again, huh?’


‘It does not matter if you don’t know what you need, or what you want’, Sheebo thought. ‘Many times I don’t know it myself. It is the challenge to find peace in that not-knowing. That is where the challenge lies. No, that’s where the peace lies.’


Now I am confused whose thoughts these are..
Or should we write the sentence between brackets?
‘Then we definitely are confused!’


Ehem.. shall we return to the box? Things are complicated enough, let me show you..


Your wants and your needs are just like emotions, Sheebo probably thought, and in comparison he used this gift to show it to us. Wrapped. I know what you are thinking now. Empty?


Not really. There was a box in a box. That is how humans want to send things, whether it is material stuff, or with language. So many things are not what they appear to be. A huge box can be a huge shouting and can be empty when you look closer. Or it can contain a smaller box and therefore another thing, or another message.


The two sheep took out what was inside the smaller second box.


Hey, Sheebo, wanna see a trick?


I am the present, yuhu!


I am the present!


Eh.. I could do with some help here now..


Yeah, upright.


Okay then. Enough twirled around it all. Let me show you what we think you need and what we think you want. And if you don’t feel those two things, then just take it as a present from flock to herder.


Did we peaq your interest already, Potamotrygorgeous?


Did we?


Let us learn you so much more, Potamotrygorgeous. You are the herder, but we are the sheep, and it’s time you start acting like us a bit more. Start small, with what was really inside this huge box. Because, like we said, size does not matter.