Hey Potamotrygorgeous, what’s up with the crappy camera image? I am becoming evermore shady and granular. Or should I focus this lovely Monday on the mail that we found in the mähbox downstairs? So many sheepies sent us letters! This is so great, whether it is blurry or not. Love this shit! Sheep connect you know..


And speaking about connection or connecting.. I have a wish. I will tell you over coffee, Potamotrygorgeous. Can I make some coffee? Will you make me some? Can we wake up butler James to make both of us some coffee? Can we live in Starbucks and order there? I want coffee!


Yes. This. First we start with the mug. It’s good that my mug says coffee, so no we would never have any misunderstanding what the mug is for. God forbid, or the herder forbid, that we should pour tea in it. Or worse.. milk.. Or worst.. Liquor 43.


But I digress yes.. coffee in the mug. Like this.


Coffee in the mug? This doesn’t seem right. Padding in the mug? Potamotrygorgeous, could you help me out here a little?


Oh, wait..


Ah, I have seen somesheep do this earlier, I think it was Ben. I can learn from him by not knocking over the coffee, and be much more gentle while making coffee. To put in the mug. To drink. While I will tell you about my wish, about connecting.


Put the padding in the device.


And then we wait. Or just lay around. Being Bob Mährley who just smoked a blunt.


Here we goooooo! Bring on the brown liquid.


And when I am finished with that first cup, there will be a second one. But not just as of yet.


Hihihihi. Since you called me Bob Mährley.. I thought about smoking that joint.. and than these seeds would fit me perfectly, right?


If I say pretty please?


Okay, I will follow your no. Hemp seed is probably not a good idea, it’s not compatible with my wish, you know, that wish I have, about connection. Because I wish to fly, Potamotrygorgeous. You know that. And when I fly to America, better I not be smelling like hemp.