Sheebo woke us up this morning.


Sheebo woke us up this morning. He had this look on his face.


Hey Potamotrygorgeous, if you’re gonna do this for a third time, could you give this story a new turn please?


Sheebo woke us up this morning. He had this look on his face that told us something was not right. But he couldn’t tell us what it was. We knew the box had been around for a while. His expression revealed his not-understanding about this.


See? Non-understanding expression. Funny how you don’t need words to express that you don’t understand. No words are needed to tell that you lack the words. So we took his expression as a question and we tried explaining to Sheebo that boxes usually don’t leave. That is not their character.


Sheebo then spoke: “but it won’t move either!”


We tried explaining to Sheebo that if you can’t move, you can’t leave. So if the box hadn’t left, that probably means it cannot move.


Sheebo asked: “why won’t it just pack up his things and go and be somewhere else?”


We tried explaining to Sheebo that he was projecting human feelings or sheep emotions onto a thing that is not human, nor sheep. Sheep can want things. Humans can feel things. A flock can decide things. A herder may look forward to things. But boxes…


Sheebo said: “but you don’t see my wants and needs either, but they are still there. So I guess the box has wants and needs either, I just don’t see ’em.”


We tried explaining to Sheebo that could be true, but that we could never verify that, because we are not boxes and will never know how it feels to be a box.


Maybe Sheebo was right, and that the box didn’t want to leave. Maybe Sheebo was right, that the box stayed on purpose.


Sheebo said: “that’s it! A purpose! It has a purpose! That is the something that was not right. That’s what I missed. How could I not have seen it, a hole is visible all the time, even though it consists of nothingness. A purpose is what I saw what was missing! Purpose!”


Now it was us who needed explanation.


Sheebo said: “this box hasn’t fulfilled its purpose yet. It came to us, carrying sheep love, in the 2017 sheep calendar. We have enjoyed spreading that love around the globe. And in doing that, we saw something abstract.., it was not about calendars, it was about connection, about giving, about friendship. That is the purpose of this box.”


We asked more explanation from Sheebo. Perhaps he should start writing these stories from now on.


Sheebo said: “stuff it, Potamotrygorgeous. Enough with the nonversation.”


Excuse us, mister Sheebo sheep?


Sheebo said: “okay, I admit, the fictional word nonversation is mine, it’s my little language flirt.”


Sheebo continued. “But the stuffing part was for you, literally I mean, Potamotrygorgeous. Stuff it. Stuff the box. Fill it. Put thingies in it.”


“Oh, I know what I want to put in here.. I am so happy that I don’t fit the box, otherwise I would have sent myself. But I think it’s better if I send something of myself, then I can keep spreading sheepy love.. Oh, how I wish James was still here..”