The first sentence was supposed to hide everything. Confession sheep spoke and with uttering some sentences he lifted the veil of secrecy. Because secrets hide as well. Or does something become a secret because it is hidden?


Anyway.. he was the opposite of that. And in opening his mouth, he took dream sheep along on a journey of the mind. ‘If your spirits lift,’ confession sheep said to no one. ‘Think about it. If you say your spirits have lifted, how come you mean that to be positive? And when I say that my spirit sinks, you automatically know that it’s to be understood as something sad. Who decided that?’


Who decided what exactly?


‘Who decided that happy is up?’ confession sheep said. ‘A rising spirit is happy and a sinking spirit is down. Being healthy is being in top shape. Up. See? If things are going better, you say things are looking up. Up. See?’


Dream sheep did nothing but glaze. He knew he had just heard something that really lifted some veil, but his eyes were not well adjusted to this new light in which he now saw words.. and in a more profound way.. the way he would from now on see the world. And it’s funny, but not haha funny, why is there another kind of funny by the way, for the better word would be ‘interesting’ here, but it’s funny to see that the glaze that dream sheep had was universal. p1110997

Even though every language has its own word for baffled, or blown away (not literally here), the glaze is universal. He was baffled.  He didn’t know there was an expression for baffled. He did now. Up.. he pondered.. Maybe because God is there? but dreamsheep knew he should have stopped himself even before he answered. ‘Why are you telling me this?’ he asked instead.


‘Because language shapes reality,’ confession sheep said. ‘Take a simple, or at least a short word, as in for example. When you enter a house, and there’s furniture there, you enter the livingroom you go.. in.. the livingroom, right? And you sit in the chair, right?’


‘Jah..’ Dreamsheep knew confession sheep wasn’t finished with this question.


‘But when you go and take a bath. You go.. in the bathroom.. to sit in the bathtub.. ‘




‘But you also sit in the water! You’re not only sitting in the bathtub, you are sitting in the water.’ Confession sheep nearly was beside himself.




‘That makes the concept of ‘water’ a container, something you can sit in. And the concept of air not a container, for you cannot sit in air, I mean you never say you sit in the chair, in oxygen.’ Confession sheep nearly fell over.


‘But somesheep can also sit in silence.’ And with reply Dream sheep was not sure if that would make things worse for the conversation, or better.

That is exactly my point, dream sheep, you caught on at the same speed of my thinking, which I think is frighteningly great, but it’s exactly my point. If you choose to say that you sat in silence, that makes silence a container. Let me break it down for you; the way you talk about or see something will partially determine the way you will act towards it. If for example if you would say ‘my bad temper destroyed our relationsheep’ that makes the bad temper as some sort of adversary that can hurt you.’


‘It scares me a little,’ Dream sheep said. ‘Because I have many times wondered about this.. how words shape your world.. ‘


‘..For example I never figured out what is the front of a tree.. you can’t tell the front of a tree because it isn’t moving.. but even if it was moving you could not tell if that was the front because what if the tree was moving backwards?’


‘..It’s not like the front of a car, which remains the front of a car, regardless of where the car drives to, right?’






‘A car doesn’t drive. The person behind the wheel does.’


‘Behind the wheel? Or in front of?’


‘You are turning me on, dream sheep. And ON is a good thing here. Same as UP. Let’s get it ON. I’m driving.’