Sometimes a story tells you more than words can. Sometimes one picture is enough and we needn’t paint a picture in your head. Especially when we want to show the uncomfortability of a way too big sheep for a shirt. Or perhaps the shirt was just way too small. And because of this misfit, Jomo started bleating all these weird sentences like ‘stop petting my peeves!’


And the only thing we did, was buy a vest. We didn’t even buy it for him, but he thought it would fit. “I feel fat!” Jomo spitted in our face.


That is not possible, Jomo, we said. You can only feel fat if you are fat, the same way you can only say you feel sheepish, because you are a sheep, or the same way you can say you feel brown because you are brown. But you can’t say you feel brown, so you also can’t say you feel fat. But that’s not the reason you can’t say you feel fat. The reason you can’t say it, because it’s an untruth. And you don’t speak untruths. You are brown, though.
Jomo just looked at us. ‘You lost me, Potamotrygorgeous.’


“I think it’s better if I get out of this vest,” Jomo decided.


“And I also think it’s a better fit for a smaller sheep. Because I can’t change the size of clothing, I can change the size of the sheep wearing it.”


“Sure thing, let’s try this on,” Sheebo said. Little did he know he was already wearing a vest, and this would probably be way too warm. That can also be the case with vests. They differ in size, but also in temperature.


If Jomo was female, we would have said that he looked motherly to Sheebo. Now he just looked fatherly as he opened the sweater.. oooh, so much sheepy warmth was inside!


Sheebo took that dive.


Don’t look at the sheep ass.


No. Just. Don’t.


You were looking at the ass again, weren’t you?


And like he was the little baby of the flock Sheebo motioned us to dress him.


And so we did. But we had a very small.. or rather.. big suspicion that this shirt would be.. eh..well, let’s see how this will go.


Put on the cap, Potamotrygorgeous! Put it on!


Nw Iannw twion dzhole shur, cmon!


Okay, the hole shirt then. Our suspicion grew.


As did the disappearing of the sheep in the vest.


Until we were left with this.


And this if we had the cap off again. Sheebo wouldn’t hear any of it, close it up he shouted! Close it up, I love it! It fits like a glove!


Ah yes, and gloves also come in different sizes, Sheebo, and this one..


is a bit too big for the next round..


But perhaps this is a good thing, because if you are planning to fight a little this week..


You’re probably most safe being hidden.