Are you with us in 2017?
Feel welcome to follow, be prepared to be changed and touched.

Until it’s 2017 it’s still 2016. Picture this. We cannot see the future yet, so in that sense the future is behind us. For everything that is behind you, is out of sight. We can see the past, so in that sense the past is before you. For everything that in front of you, is in sight. Or can we take a detour to the right or left and just talk about the sheepy undertakings of 2016? Let’s do this. All the stories are told already. Maktub. Look up the word if you like (or read the book!). If you have just started following the flock, this is an overview of what you’ve been missing, what was going on in the year of 2016.

Confession sheep understood the importance of expressing pain, getting to the core of what is you, and build a character sheep from there.


Baby dream rekindled our love for music again, which is a good thing, because there is so much more to life than words!


We decided that once a year we will get Sheebo a box and let him fill it up with goodies that makes us relive childhood mähmories, and then sent the box, to a far away somewhere. We recommend this do everysheep! Share!


Candy learnt to take baby steps and fell in love with the concept of 1/4 lbs.


Black-faced sheep bought us a present that had absolutely no good but just ‘be a present’.


The flock has been doing a lot of growing up. And UP is good. One of the herd said it was time to fly out. Literally. Fly. To. America.



More bags were bought, and opened.


We tried measuring love, attachment and intimacy. And failed miserably. Of course.


We got down and dirty in the summer. And enjoyed it thoroughly. Of course.


We learned McSleepy how to change the bed sheets.


And we -again- discovered that age is just a number and that when you have a true connection, you make each other feel without age.


And although the flock doesn’t care so much for material stuff, they feel truly blessed that this once-a-gift coffee maker is still alive, to make us coffee, for we doubt whether we will ever be able to hug a HD7840 again..



We fell in love. Finally. For good. We moved part of our heart to Antwerp.


We learned. We connected. We confessed. We posed. We sheep.


We discovered the power of getting up early in the morning.


And we stopped being shy about our fetish for photographing sheep bums.


We set a challenge for next year, to fully realize and feel that not-choosing is choosing also, so we’d better choose something!




We started understanding the power of written and sent words, and how language can overcome any barrier, even across countries and bars.


We sat in and overcame darkness!


Sheebo finally admitted that he thinks of admitting that he well.. uhm.. he might .. oh okay.. maybe he’ll tell us next year. We have time.


The flock discovered that there are many ways to express the difference between he and she.


We had some sheep attend our very first first bodybuild competition! Yes, we said first twice.



There was some reconciliation between the good, the bad, and the.. eh.


We learnt Sheebo more chores around the house. He doesn’t now only wash our clothes, changes the sheets, but also changes light bulbs.


And some sheep perfected the craft of crochet to perfection.



And Candy kept exploring boxes and being fascinated about life.


Baby D started seeing double. Or just made coffee for two.


And of course there was kissing. Whispering. Loving.


Three of our sheep went to live in China.


And Sheebo started a collection of his own.


Elsa found a girlfriend.


There were celebrations.


There were flirtations.


And growth.


We filled our cups of life with so much. Love. Hope. Happiness. Trust. Growth. Energy. Positivity. Connection. Friendship. Creativity. Serenity. Closure..


And even the smaller sheep wanted to grow. Or at least plant a seed that would grow.


And pssst… Potamotrygorgeous received a Valentine’s card!


One of the flock got her first period.



And there was a second measuring. This time we tried measuring a smile. And failed. Of course. p1090071

The flock discovered they were not the only ones being fluffy and started making protein fluff before every bed time. p1110534

Mirr came back.. as promised..


We saw some sheep getting high. On what? Eh.. let’s call it life.


We didn’t have the roller coaster life of 2015. Luckily! This year we chose the tumbling metafor.



Dreamsheep and confession sheep found out they aren’t that different after all.


And as one of the Potamotrygorgeous Post-its on the wall says ‘present’, that does not only mean to live in the present, but also that in that a herder has got to treat himself a little. And because it is oh so hard to throw something away that is not 100 percent broken-down.. one of our sheep took the lead and ordered a new book case. With a special inscription for a special person!


James had the secret -now open- aspirations of becoming a girl, wearing a dress, and now looking for glass shoes.


There was mutual misunderstanding. That was quite a reassuring feeling. Lucy and Dean didn’t also agreed to disagree, they even disagreed about that.


Dreamsheep showed us the beauty of living a scarred and scarfed life.


We made our own version of throwing your hands up in the air. Throw your mähs up in the air!p1090113

The flock mourned. Because illusions were burried. p1090627_1

We met Sheepmund Freud, some sort of psychoanalyst sheep who probably needs some counseling himself. Or at least somesheep who tells him that he should stop protecting his coffee mug so much.



We went from body builder to character builder, an undertaking so large that the shoes were almost too big to fill.


We learned the pleasure of sleep deprivation because if you take something away temporarily, the pleasure of getting or back heightens.


When the herder is out to play.. the sheep get to stray..p1090409

Luckily we never have to decide what part of sheep we love the most. But if there was a top hundred; their look, their eyes are definitely somewhere in the list!


And although we have learned our hard lesson not to cook with open fire with any of our sheep any more (sorry Ben..), nobody said we couldn’t bake cold stuff that you just put in the fridge, right?



We made one more swan for the year 2016. He is still with us.


And we learned to see the flock sad and just sit with those feelings. As all water will dry up, the sheep also have to learn to dry them themselves.


And we wrote the most uncomprehensibiliciously story ever written. Really.


There were sheepy meetings. Even between the smallest of the flock.


The flock counted down from 33 to zero.



We found out that sometimes the time is not right for change.


And sometimes it is.




And if the jury was undecided about the change or no change, the flock learned to do some yoga.