Counting down from fifty-seven to mirr. And in the meantime the postman rang. And because of that Mirr changed into the sheep he once was, being goofy and all. We love our sheep like this, pretending not see the post mäh come in for a hug. ‘Choose’, mirr said. ‘Left, center or right.’ Oooh and with this simple statement he sent us back to our youth.. remember? Where the person you loved held something behind their back and made you choose which hand they gave to you. ‘Choose.’


Mirr was not the jealous type, but we did see him trying to become the center of our attention. Let’s see where this goes. Because he could never have known which side we would choose, it was a little dumb to change places.


Ah, we have a slight idea.. because he can’t see past the parcel, probably he thinks he can just push and it falls over. And that way three choices become two, because then there is only center left and center right.


‘Almost there,’ mirr said. ‘I know that sarcasm is one of your strongest points, Potamotrygorgeous, so I won’t say no need to give a help here.”


“Flock mäh silly, this shit is heavy. And I have the impression there is some sort of wall behind this. I know my strength! Normally this goes without effort! So I trust there is a wall. And between you and me, this position is getting quite uncomfortable..’


‘Potamotrygorgeous, I don’t know what you have ordered, it being so heavy and all. I have expanded the options. So either there is a wall on the other side of the box, or there is something important in the box that is so heavy that.. well. so heavy.’


‘I do wonder what’s inside,’ mirr said.