Have you ever seen a sheep think out loud? This is a bit how that would look like. He was so full of not knowing that he went back to his pre-birth and wondered if his eyes had the same color before he was born. Or why grass only smells so good when you cut it..


It is time to give this box a name, mirr thought. That is the only choice.


We decided not to tell him that ‘only choice’ is an oxymoron, like a silent scream. Simply impossible. Oh, again an oxymoron. Sorry, yes, name that box!


‘One day, Pota,’ mirr said. ‘I will take singing lessons. I will take dancing lessons. I will take cooking lessons. I will take flying lessons.’


‘And the next day, I will make promises, I will make breakfast, I will make you smile,’ mirr said.


‘And on day three I will erh.. look back and see that I first should have taken writing lessons,’ mirr smiled pleasantly.


‘But even before all those days come, even before I make you mine and make you the sweetest of them all.. I will first bathe you, and then shower you with love, I will feed you, and spoon you afterwards, I will cook for you and make you my sweetie, I will drive you to the end of the world, and drive you crazy..’


‘And regardless of what is inside this box, I have now named this box. This means this is yours now. And regardless of what’s inside, you don’t have to choose left or right, because what you name is what you can claim. I do am curious of what is inside,’ mirr said. ‘And I remember that human children are told that you should look with your hands behind your back.. But to be honest, this doesn’t help me much.’


‘Must say that looking with my hands before my back doesn’t make me any wiser though.. Still want to know what’s in that box.. But before I find out, I want this box to be a worry box. Whatever this box will bring me, I will something to him to.. I want it to worry all my worries. Because I can’t woo Potamotrygorgeous if I have my hands full of worries.’