Two things happened yesterday. Mirr discovered that looking with your hands behind (or in front of) your back doesn’t make you see. And we found out that if something had our name, it was ours for the using.
Mirr: I am going to use what is inside this box.
Us: Oh, what if we don’t know what to do with the box?


Mirr: I think I can go alongside to find out.
Us: Oh, what if we can’t use the box?p1120140

Mirr: Almost there.
Us: Oh, but what if the box doesn’t hold?


Mirr: hey, Pota! Should I start calling you a worrior instead of a warrior? What’s up with the what ifs already? I told you it was a worry box already, you then should know what to do with it. Better you help me here, because this position is not really manly..
Us: what if our help isn’t the help mirr needs.


Mirr: Err.. nearly tearing a muscle here.. I could really do with some help now..
Us: what if we’re too late with helping..


Mirr: ah all good, I got this.
Us: what if mirr discontinues our relationsheep now because we didn’t respond soon enough..


Mirr: oh jeez.. this is way cool! I have just the perfect use of this. Just perfect.
Us: what if we’re left with an empty worry box when this story is over and we don’t know what to do with it and mirr has this cool thingy..


Mirr: yeah, way way cool! A mähmäh! It’s my own mähmäh. This is really a grown up thing to have. Everysheep who has a mähmäh can say what goes around, come around, drives around and find his way around.
Us: what if his gift is bigger than ours.. or brings him more,.. what if we must fake being happy for him..


Mirr: check this shit out Potamotrygorgeous! My own mähmäh! With color and sunshine glow and all!
Us: what if it’s too late for anything now..


Mirr: potamotrygorgeous, you know that this means, right? I can take you away from here. I want to take you on this trip. You can leave all your worries and what ifs in the worry box!
Us: but what if we’re actually looking forward to preparing going on this trip with mirr..