Weird does not exist. Weird is always in somesheep else’s mind. Keep it there. Because weird does not exist. Weird is born when somesheep starts to judge. But weird itself does not exist by itself. If you embrace only yourself, and not the other, you make things look even cool while you’re being weird. So, cool it is. And these sheep are cool.


Hey you, James sheep, I think you are way cool like this, not having any idea about how the day should be. There is ultimate freedom to be found in letting go of expectations. Pleased to meet you, my name is James too.


Hello James too. Funny name. You talk about weird and cool, but you know.. cool is also an interpretation and therefore outside yourself.


So, what are we to do then, James?
Cool does appeal to me much more, as a word. I like it when words are just used randomly.. where first you’d use it for a certain temperature feel you now use it to categorize behavior with: You look cool.


But what about true things, like touch and scents.. You can’t mess with those.. think about it.. you cuddle cool? You smell cool?


Spoon me cool?


Let’s just shut up, James.


For words just don’t cut it. Let’s just stick with that amazing feeling you give me.


And yes, we know that ‘amazing’ is also an adjective, and therefore subjective. But this time it’s true!p1120203