Ooooooh, James is excited! Did you ever have that experience, where you feel somesheep else’s happiness? That it’s not you who has fallen in love, but you just feel so happy for this butterflying friend of yours? Or that you are so proud of knowing somesheep has accomplished something? Or that you are looking forward to a trip that wasn’t even yours to make? What is the word for that?


“The shoe!” James exclaimed. “The shoe! Oh, my goodness, the shoe!”


“Noooo, two!!! The shoes, plural!”


“I like everything about them. Even though I’m not even the ones who walks in them. Yes, I said ones, because I feel this plurality of happiness because of these shoes! And happiness is also plural, right? Ends with s, so there.”


“Let me introduce myself to them.. Hello right shoe, my name is James. I am so glad you came into our lives. I can so understand that you are not lacing those babies up, Pota.”


“Oh, and hello left shoe! All ready for action, I guess, walking the globe, strutting your stuff, trodding those ehh… troddles?”


“Potamotrygorgeous, this is absolutely great, that somehow we will always be connected, and that I don’t fully or actually or constantly feel your feeling any more, but can rejoice from a distance, leaving your stuff at your side of our soul, and leaving my stuff at my side. I absolutely love the shoes. Army style, air force, right? Ohhh.. if only..”


“..if only I can tie myself to these laces, making these shoes mine a little ..”


“Oh yeah,.. sorry.. yours..”