‘Talk to me,’ confession sheep said. No it wasn’t even him who said it. It was a she who said it. ‘Talk to confession sheep,’ she said. She was right. But we were afraid. What if the sheep didn’t have anything to say? What if he did? What if? Confession sheep said it was okay to turn down the color for now, because sometimes black and white can be enough contrast for the day.


‘You chose this, remember that. You chose to talk to me. And I will talk. I am going to be straight with you. First I will just spread some truths, pick up wherever you feel like I am actually talking to or about you, okay?’

Truth 1. Addiction is where you run to when you are hurting.
Truth 2. I am not here to remind you of what you are not, I am here to remind you of who you are.
Truth 3. Fear is nothing but a selffulfilling emotion.


‘I think we need a second sheep here, to make things more clear. The fact that you have a desire to listen pleases me. For now that’s good enough.’


‘I think that James will do. He will come at his own pace, I know, he’ll be here before the story is over. In the meanwhile let me spread some more truths.’

Truth 4. If you are not making mistakes, not ever, you’re probably also not making any decisions either.
Truth 5. I have no problem with the knowledge of what you lack, you are the one who has problems with that.






James didn’t even take his time, he was procrastinating the life out of us. So we helped him a bit. Here.


‘James,’ confession sheep said. ‘I need you, mäh. I really need you here, because I want to get a point across that is quite hard to do by myself. Would you care to help me out? It’s not really my point, as in, totally new or something, I mean, it’s probably to be found somewhere on the earth as well, but because perhaps it didn’t specifically sprung from my head, doesn’t make it less true..’

James didn’t know what to say. He rarely interacted with confession sheep.


‘Look,’ confession sheep said. ‘Potamotrygorgeous needs to understand something. It’s a lesson in love, actually. Pota needs to understand that my  love is unconditionally and that I am pleased.’

‘How can that be?’ James asked.

‘Because I separate who Pota is from what Pota does.’

James didn’t know how to reply to that. He rarely talked to confession sheep.


‘Be right back,’ confession sheep said. And while confession sheep turned around -probably to be richt back, as he said, otherwise he would have said something else.. unless we can’t trust what he says, but let’s just go with the flow here. Be right back, he said.

James started to worry. And he felt sad. He wanted to cover his tears. No, he wanted to do more than that, he wanted to remove the tears. He rarely met confession sheep. It’s quite an impression he makes..


I know another truth, James thought, while confession sheep was away. Putting music on repeat is sometimes the best survival mode in life. Or smelling fresh basil. Anything would do, except for the chore of trying to be perfect, because that would end up in disappointment. He was curious what confession sheep was about. He would be right back. Why? I mean, why leave? Was it to talk to somesheep? To arrange something? Or to get something?


Trust me. It’ll be fine.


‘Money? Is that money?’


‘It goes by many names,’ confession sheep said, ‘some call it freedom, some call it the root of all evil, some say it’s the same as time, some worship it as if it’s their God, some say it’s nothing but a piece of paper, or use it for snorting drugs, but yes, money is another accepted definition.’


‘And you said you would be back, only to bring back this money?’ James asked curious.
‘By that question I know you are ready for the next step,’ confession sheep said, ‘because the answer to that is no.’