‘Let’s have some color before we continue,’ confession sheep said. ‘I came back with this money to make a point.’


‘Would you like this money?’ confession sheep asked James.


‘Whut? Like whut? Yes! Oh mäh goodness, fifty is a large number, you have to count for forty-nine times until you reach fifty.. I mean.. one.. two.. three..’


‘Wait,’ confession sheep. ‘Before you continue to four and five and we’ll be here till fifty,.. let me first.. just wait.. ‘


‘What if fold this euro paper, would you still want it?’


‘Of course I will!’ James said. ‘Fifty! That is more than five, six, seven..’


‘Okay then,’ confession sheep said, ‘what if I.. just hold on..’


‘What if I trample on it, making it smell like my cheesy feet,’ confession sheep said. ‘Would you still want it?’


‘Of course I would! I think you’re a bit weird for saying out loud this cheesy feet thing, for sheep don’t smell of cheese, but fifty euro! That is, wow, more than eleven, twelve.. thir..’


‘You just proved my point, James’, confession sheep said. ‘I am so glad that I asked you to help, I didn’t even need to prove the point, it was all you.’


‘You saw the worth in that piece of paper you called money,’ confession sheep said. ‘You saw that it was worth 50 euro. And you continued to see its worth regardless of it being wrinkled or dirtied. That is not what makes up the worth. Its worth didn’t change.’


James felt so proud! Confession sheep wasn’t all that frightening! Sometimes you need to learn things in an analogy. Confession sheep had shown his patience while doing it. Confession sheep had shown his persistence while doing it. Confession sheep showed he trusted James to eventually ‘get’. And it wouldn’t have mattered if he would have had to try fifty times. Because with every try, he would know he was getting closer to the fifty.


‘Sheep can only call this money,’ confession sheep said. ‘Other than that we have no use for it. Let’s give this one to Potamotrygorgeous, shall we?’


‘Promise us one thing’, James said. ‘Take it with you on your America trip. Whether it be this money and use it for something amähzing, or whether it be one of us to keep you company, or whether it is this lesson learned.’