This is how we woke up this Sunday. We woke up. Two sheep were still sleeping. Well.. we didn’t woke up like this. We woke up to this. To see this. Anyway, good morning!


We said good morning! Yuuhuu!


‘I heard you the first time’, Liselle said. ‘I hardly sleep, you know, it’s not my style to sleep, it’s just small resting poses that I take. Sometimes my sheepy body just takes up too much space and I rest it horizontally, leaving my shoes on, of course, but everything else is out. Light-wise I mean. I lay my sheep body to rest so I can get some clarity in the mind. And I have come up with quite some wisdoms! For example a patient sheep lacks nothing. I can meditate on that one for hours, Potamotrygorgeous.’


Then the other Liselle got up. We remembered someone saying why we had two Liselles, and we remembered that we forgot the answer. We still don’t know. The question always stuck with us though..


‘What’s this, on my right, Potamotrygorgeous?’ Liselle asked.
‘Yeah, what she said, but the on my left,’ Liselle said.


It’s freedom, we answered. It’s the ability to express yourself. It’s the moment where you give up reasoning and find peace. Just by pressing ‘play’.


‘And this?’ Liselle asked with echo.
We explained that a piece of the puzzle only can be a piece if the puzzle exists of more than one piece. And to complete things you always need more than one thing. And we wondered whether this was the reason we had two Liselles. We weren’t lacking new sheep, or other sheep, we lacked ‘twins’, and now we got twins..


‘And what’s this,’ Liselle asked. ‘Yes, what’s this?’
We explained that you don’t have to think everything that falls in your head. You have this filter you can use. This is the filter. And with everything you do in life, you have the option to tweak, to distort, to mute, to mesh, to repeat, to slow down, to turn the volume up.. basically everything you do with spoken word as well, but then with music.


We showed Liselle. See how my finger gently pushes this slide? We do that on purpose. In real life you have the same task: think thinks, on purpose, that are going to benefit you.


‘Oh! We got it! Can we try too?’
‘Yes, can we?’


And so this is what happened. Liselle took control. She expressed herself. She pressed play. She let go.


And Liselle enjoyed what happened. She started tapping her feet to her music, good that she had her shoes on!


And while picturing all of this..we suddenly saw why we need certain things in two..