James and mirr are going on a trip. That is, they have decided that they will be tagging along with us. p1120443

We’ll still have to see about that though, for if they don’t fit the carry on, we sure aren’t going to actually carry them on the plane. You have to draw a line somewhere, and this line looks like a zipper.p1120444


Don’t go trippin’ over me, Pota. We gonna do dis.


You sheep don’t even know where you will be going if you tag along, don’t you want to know? And why are you talking slang? You are sheep, act your jolly part and bleat sheepish.


Mäh, James said.



Mirr said the same. Mäh. He asked where we were going. This is how we like to see it when things get heated up a bit, sheep keeping their cool, tone it down and just ask the planest of questions.


Mäh mäh mäh?” Mirr asked.

So we answered: Athens, Palestine, New York, Salem, New London, Moscow. Venus, China, Dublin, Turkey, London, Detroit, and Reno.


But that is all over the place! This time it was James. He exclaimed how insane this was. No, worse than insane he found it, around the globe with capital A! How long would they be gone?


We will never be gone, sweetie. Only other sheep can be gone from you. Yourself can’t be gone, because everywhere you go, you will show up, just turn the corner and there you are again. But we understood your question and will answer. We’ll be back before your birthmäh, we said.


But!” Oh, how we loved James for being so passionate about stuff, his exclamation marks were almost verbal embraces.. “But! That is short! No, worse than short, it’s impossible! I mean, once we land and recover from jet lag, or jet mäh as we will probably experience it, you, I mean we are flying back again? I mean, how then? How?”


Mirr knew. Because mirr knows things.


“Oh, I get it, now it’s you who is talking slang, right, Potamotrygorgeous?” James asked. He didn’t notice that mirr already knew, otherwise the story would have been over, by naming the destination of our trip. “You are talking slang right? I mean, ‘going Dublin’ probably means something you do with a girl or something, or two girls? Double Lynn? And doing Detroit definitely is xxx-rated! Resting in Reno? Lushious London? Going around the cold and hot Turkey? Smiling with the Chinese? And Moscow is probably Mähscow? And the Athens thing.. yeah going to the Greek ahum, we know what that is about. So.. it is all about a girl! Who is it?”



Again. Mirr knew. But he didn’t say anything. He enjoyed James going off track, for if you leave sheep make mistakes, it shows their way of thinking. And James’ head definitely was on girl mode.


“Who?” James asked. “Rosa? I know her. I sure can park the pink Cadillac there..”


“No? Salem,.. salem… melas.. melsa.. Oh I know! Elsa! Know her too. Would love to get to know her better if you know what I mean.”


“Venus… penus.. penis? You are not talking about Betty are you? Always had doubts about whether she was really a she.. And besides that.. not a fan of her shoes..”


“Dublin.. you mean doublin? Double? The Liselle twins?! Oh gosh, red and purple??”


Again. Mirr smiled. Because mirr knew. Because mirr knows things.


“James,” he said, “I will say only this: broes before hoes.”



Yes, this is how we like to see our flock. Going from not knowing from knowing they don’t know. And then they know what they know. And then they forget they once learned it. Broes before hoes. It wasn’t specifically how we would have approached the whole thing, but hey, it’s our trip, let them have some fun as well, so we let mirr have his way with James mulling around in the not knowing.


“Broes before hoes?” James asked. “What does that mean?”


“It means,” mirr said, “that it’s about the guys taking a load off, and please take that load metaphorically here, that it’s just guys going on a trip. No girls tag along, no girls allowed even, and the names that were mentioned aren’t girls’ names, nor are they referrals to things you or anysheep for that matter would want to do with girl sheep. It’s really about broes. That is short for brothers. Or if we would have written the fifth Gospel, we would have said brethren. But that doesn’t rhyme with hoes, so probably that’s why they ended the gospel at John and we can name our story broes before hoes.”


“What are all those names then?”


“Actual places.”


“And we’re going to visit them all?”


“We are going to a country that has all of them.”


“A?” James asked. Wow, this was the shortest question we ever saw a sheep pose. “A country? Meaning one?”




Hey, mirr, don’t you go telling the destination.


And you, stop pretending to not know where we’re going. It was you who suggested to get away, remember?