Meet Elsa. Elsa is a simple sheep. For her simple means that she understands life. She understands it enough to live it. And she lives it. Her simple way. Her bleating is simple. And therefore true.


Meet Gustav. Gustav is not a sheep. Gustav is a goat. He wants to be a sheep. He thinks life is sheep life. He does not understand sheep life. His living is harsh. His bleating is difficult. And therefore painful. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be the opposite of true.


Elsa gives away what she wants. It means she just gives smiles to others. And sometimes she gets a smile back. She gives trust to other sheep. And sometimes she gets trust back.

Gustav is mainly wasting his pain. He uses words like lollygag and fuscous. He starts many sentences with I and me (of mäh, which he thinks refers to a possessive pronoun, first person singular).


Hey you, Elsa said. She gave Gustav a smile.


Gustav replied: Mäh?

Yes, Elsa said, you. Hey.


Gustav wanted to say so much simple stuff, like a plain Hi, but found himself – again – uttering words like obnibulate (or dight) and ensorcell, and of the latter he wasn’t even sure himself it he pronounced it correctly, it might as well have been sensor cell. He could never make an impression on her being so broken like this. At least not the impression he wanted to make. How could he ever be just near this beautiful sheep and bleat. No better yet, how could he ever be just near this beautiful sheep and just be? Oh, why couldn’t he just shut his brain up?


“I like your dress,” Elsa said. There it was. That smile of hers. Oh, if only he could give that smile a name, color it and paint his heart with it. Or her life. She was just amazing to him. It wasn’t her dress. It wasn’t her pink ears. It wasn’t her soft voice. It wasn’t her purity. It wasn’t.. ohh before he met her, he was miserable and. Now he just felt miserable and hopeless. There he went again,.. wanting to overthink it all.


How do you like my dress? She asked this question after seven minutes, because making a sheep stand up like this really takes time. And the weird thing is that it is not the ticking of time increases her ability to stand, so it didn’t take time per se, just a lot of patience, and patience is expressed in minutes here.


“You’re lovely”, Gustav blurted out. Hey.. could this be the key to contact perhaps, to not overthinking everything to the tittle with yes a double t, otherwise it would have spelled title. “You’re absolutely lovely,” he said again, to make sure he said it again.



“I was hoping I could make an impression on you, so I got myself this one,” Gustav said. “You know what they say, great minds think alike. Or birds of a feather flock together or something? I mean, I thought that if I would wear a dress you would notice me, since you are also wea..”


“I like it”, Elsa said.


“It doesn’t make me look fat or anything?” Gustav asked. He was surprised himself that this question came out. That is something a girl sheep should ask! And then the boy sheep would have said no. And then the girl sheep would say really? And the boy sheep would say really. He would add that she looked lovely. She would say thank you. He would see her go shy and kiss it away and.. But wait.. he was not a boy sheep.. he was a goat.. and the dress wasn’t new either, it was second hand.. and he started explaining about the dress.


“I love it,” Elsa said. “And don’t worry about the word second-hand, because if you use different words for the same thing, your world will change. Wait and see. Your dress is pre-loved. Not second-hand. Pre-loved. And if you ask me, I will say yes.”


And it so came to pass. That a goat asked a sheep.
And a sheep said yes..


..not only to the dress.