It’s been a long weekend, and it’s only Saturday 9 pm! By the looks of it Lovelynn feels like she is on season five of her life. Is it that time of the week again, we wonder. That week of the month? That period of the year? Time to change the sheep? We know Lovelynn heard about the upcoming trip, and about the sheep that would go with us, because this sheep is so much part of us that.. well.. sometimes there are no words for feelings.


Good morning sweetie, and thank God for giving birth to the person who invented 1mg pills of paracetamol. Now that the aches are out of the way, let us turn to this lovely sheeply lady. She has just woken up. Oh how some of our sheep look so pretty as we would still like to do waking up, how they remind us of being four again, opening eyes in the morning as if everything is happening already. So did Lynn open hers. She bleated softly: “I have heard that everysheep is given these things called talents, Lovelynn said. Will you help to find my hidden ones, Potamotrygorgeous?”


Sure thing, sweetie. You are already on your way knowing that everysheep has talent. You are on your way knowing that you are one of those everysheep. You are on your way if you deduce from it all that you also have talent. You are on you way if you are curious at them. And definitely on your way if you ask help finding them. So, let’s go.


We told Lynn that sometimes the best questions are asked and answered while doing some mundane chores. It is not because it saves time, we just told her this because we didn’t feel like doing it ourselves. We told her that too. She didn’t seem to mind. That’s the beauty with being curious about something, you stop caring about the details along the way. Curiosity makes you step over stones you would normally would not even dared looking at.


“This should be a Sheebo’s job”, Lovelynn said. “I can’t imagine that normally a girl sheep would be up to this. This is a typical boy sheep’s job. Sheebo’s job.” And right she was. All the time we were filming this, our minds drifted to another sheep. Sheebo normally handles the washing business, sure. He does our duvets, sure. But our drifting was to somesheep else.


“These hidden talents?” Lovelynn interrupted our thinking. Ah yes. Finding hidden talents. That is not that easy actually, because hidden means.. eh.. well.. hidden. You can’t find a hidden talent, otherwise it wouldn’t be called hidden.


“Just talents then?” Lovelyn asked. “It’s not about how it’s worded per se, because I know everysheep has these things, I was just curious to mine.”


“Oh, but before you continue, Pota, can I just say how much I love you? How much you have been a blessing for me the last couple of weeks? How much I felt comforted feeling you behind me all the time?”


Okay.. this is something that is on our 2017-list.. Being able to accept compliments.. no, let’s cut it into littler pieces.. being able to bare compliments. Meanwhile we pretended not to hear what we just heard and watched Lovelynn take very good care of our laundry.


“Yeah, I am good at this, aren’t I? And not complaining either, aren’t I?”


Almost a talent? Her question made us think about talents ourselves. Is everything you are good at a talent? Is a talent something you’re good at? Can a hidden talent then always be unhidden if you just go out in the world and try everything, to see what you like, to see what others like, to see what you are good at, to see what gets uncovered?


Because if so, she has the talent to love. She has the talent to give compliments. She has the talent of patience. She has the talent of optimism. She has the talent of submitting herself to a herder.


“Give me your laundry”, Lovelynn said, “because sitting on this cold floor, bare ass, is not a talent.. you know this thing called dresses? They are open on the bottom side, and since I eh.. well you know.. eh.. I.. eh.. something to do with not wearing underwear.. okay? It’s just.. cold down there, here, you know. The one who made dresses should have thought about that. Not a talented dressmaker.”


“Let me put it in the machine for you,” Lovelynn said.
But we thought of a new talent she displayed.. with her dress remark she made us think, it’s the gift of slowing others down in life. Until now we really never thought about dresses with a closed side on the under side.. if that was even possible, perhaps it should then be called a romper? A body stocking? Hmm..


But Lovelynn had her mind still at her task, another talent, showing perseverance and focus. “Now let me do a Sheebo,” Lovelynn said. Oh! She has talent for details and memory, because we now remember Sheebo sitting like this as well. We were right all along, that in doing the littlest of chores you uncover so much of yourself.


“There is one thing I am not so good at,” Lovelynn said. “That is to control my fear of a working washing machine. Somehow when it’s turned on and starts making all these sounds, it scares me. Will you stay with me until it’s all over? Will you tell me about your trip? Will you tell me who will go with you? Will you.. everything?”