There he was. There you are. Once again we meet. Will we? Can we get back what we never lost, mirr? We still have your music playing, and listening to it makes us close our eyes, but then typinf brevomed  dporblem.


Open your eyes, mirr said. Choose me, mirr said. Close your eyes, mirr said. Just choose. Me. You know it will take you all day to find out that you made the right decision anyway. And you know right decisions don’t even exit, but only in the world that you and I create. We make the rules, and if we paint our walls with sheep colors, that will be our reality. Of all the sheep that belong to you, with you, you will always look for me in other flocks, won’t you? Well, here I am, cleverly disguised as the one. Choose, mirr said. Because there is one thing I want and that you will not leave empty handed. Because everysheep that does not have one sheep with him is just an ‘every’. And every is always undecided because it could be anyone. And you are not one of those. Even to be undecided is to be decided, you know this. Choose. Take me home, mirr said. Because that’s sometimes all that there is to it in life: to walk somesheep home.p1120530

I will show you something, mirr said. He climbed up on our knee.


And we hoped he wouldn’t go for that coffee because we just had spent the whole night sleeping and dreaming about waking up to have that coffee. And because of that we must spend the day preparing for the night again. Mirr knows it’s the world upside down. Besides, he probably wouldn’t like the high cinnamon taste to the coffee this morning. We were a little startled ourselves.


You ache, don’t you? mirr asked. You feel it in your stomach, don’t you? Somewhere on the left of the middle of the under side of your left lung. And because these feelings are new, you wanted to write long instead of lung, didn’t you? It’s your diaphragm vibrating, it does that when you think about the life between us. I never left you, miss.


But I wanted to show you something, mirr said again.


It’s up here.


Almost there.


Oh, and if you will surrender to my leadersheep I will going to recommend and command you to take those shoes with you.


And me of course, but I will let you give the illusionary impression of deciding that for yourself.


If life could be represented by three pots. Let’s say.. yesterday, today, tomorrow..


Or maybe in a yes, a no and a maybe.


Or a now, later or never.


A sometimes, an always and eh.. hold on.


Okay, if you had to choose blind, not knowing under which pot I am. Then your decision would be easier, you think?


Hold on. I know you still think you saw me, but that is just your imagination, but for imagination’s sake, give me a sec.


Okay. Done.


More done.


See? You cannot make a decision like this. Because it was you who actually put me there. You remembered left. And you wanted to keep seeing a tiny little of me. So it’s basically pretty simple, there are no three choices. Just one. You. Go and check if you don’t believe.


So we checked.


Some choices are empty, mirr said. Because they don’t have your commitment. They will look as if you choose to live in the past, but the past brings you nothing if you don’t live in it.


We tried another one.


Some choices are empty, mirr said. Because your love isn’t in it. The now can’t fully show herself if there is no love. There is a reason that love and live only differ one letter and that is the I. Like I said, it’s not three choices, it’s one. You.


We tried the third one.


Some choices are empty, mirr said. Because you hoped too much of it. A pot is just a pot, it can give you a place to put soil in, to plant a seed in, it can’t contain a sheep, you knew that.


So if this is how I have correctly portrayed your pain at the moment of choosing,.. I’d say there is only one option.


But I said that already when we started this story.