Two sheep were pondering. One was trying to figure out what is left in the world when you take away all the patterns. The other one was trying to figure out what prime numbers are. Both sheep were dressed for the occasion.


But because the questions of both sheep were asked too quickly, they were stacking up in their heads like loaves in a baking factory. Or, differently put, or pictured from above, they felt full.


Full of chaos, no matter from which angle you look.


Full of chaos, part two.






And five.


Okay, let’s start anew. This is Jomo and Ben.  Jomo is looking away from Ben. But so is Ben, so that’s not much information for you. Jomo has love in his heart. Ben is a little older. Does that help? Let’s try again. The one is wearing a knitted sweater, the other one is wearing something of wool. Hmm.. this isn’t working. Sheep one and two! Him and him! Left and right?


‘Hey Jomo’, Ben said.


‘Hey, Jomo, while Potamotrygorgeous is trying out all this newly learned stuff about how not to distinguish two sheep, I want you to tell you a secret, I found something, lying around here.’


‘I am all eyes,’ Jomo said.


‘It’s all ears..’


‘Is that the secret? That it’s all ears? How is that a secret? That would be the same as saying you have a patent on yellow. Or telling me that you can prove history is true. That’s nearly impossible!’


Eh, you guys… if you talk this way to each other, would you at least tuck your hoofs under you or at least inwards somewhat? The picture above looks a bit funny this way, both with this uni-legged chopstick look.


Ah, that’s better. All eyes, all ears, and all hoofs. Continue.


‘It’s up there,’ Ben said. ‘See that black thingie? It has been lying around here since 17 days, two weeks and then some days counting to Wednesday, I am not sure how it’s done, let’s just say 17 days or so. And because I never saw it before, it must be a secret.’

Jomo saw it too, but he was not sure if Bens definition of a secret was correct. ‘Because first it was not up there and now it is, you call it a secret?’ he asked.


‘I am going to find out what it is,’ Ben said. ‘Can I lean a little on you?’

But before Jomo could say yes, he was weighed down by his fellowsheep. And yes, we should have written that as two words. Jomo thought about what a secret was. He wasn’t so curious even as to what the secret was. Definite articles make the biggest difference in the world, he thought.


‘Hey, Pota, when may I start calling this behavior just plain clumsy? He is sheepblocking me, weighing me down first, and now poking my eyes.’


We should have mentioned that Ben would take a long time getting the black thingie, and that in the end we would have to skip a scene or three because he was just too heavy to stand on his own hoofs.

That being said, Jomo was pleased with the fact that during the story it became clear to you whose name belonged to whom. He knew it would have been quite the chunk to eh.. chunk down.. if Potamotrygorgeous would have continued trying to distinguish the two. Even left and right are not certain, it would all depend on whose side you’re on. Although now it would be more of a truth to say he is to the right of the other one. Or isn’t it?


‘I should perhaps have mentioned that I am a little bit on the heavy side,’ Ben repined. ‘It has just been a heavy start of the year, that’s all. I blame gravity!’


‘Heavy?’ Jomo asked. ‘Who was it now, William Sheepspeare, didn’t he once say ‘For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’? It was some kind of herder, I don’t quite remember the name or the context. Probably it wasn’t said when one sheep was trying to uncover a secret. But I don’t think this year is heavy at all, to be honest, I am still happy to support you getting your black thingie. I like to distinguish heavy hears from heavy sheep, makes all the difference in the world.’ 


‘It is in here, I know it. I know it. I know that I know that I know that I know! Now, that’s knowing for sure, right? I don’t know what it is, but I know the truth is in here, and secrets are made only so they can be shown, let out, let secrets be born, because then they fade. And that is exactly what secrets are. They show what needs to be shown.’


‘This is it?’ Jomo said. ‘It looks like something that doesn’t belong to us.’

Ben said: ‘how does something actually look like when it doesn’t belong to a sheep? The only thing I see is that it’s black. And sort of square, and by the looks of it it can be opened too.’

‘But, we can’t, can we? I mean, should we then open it? Only because it can be opened? Is that what secrets are about?’


‘What is this?’ Jomo said.

‘The inside of the black thingie,’ Ben replied. ‘It has a partially yellow inside.’


‘There is more space in here, wow, this is great, it looked like a flat, closed, unreachable thing, but now that we come close to it, there is all this space! How is it possible you create space by opening up something that was pressed together? It’s almost like the lips of a mouth opening up to me, wow!’


‘Can you hold it upright, while I go and take a look?’

Ben thought that wasn’t a question doing right to the situation if you were already looking inside but hey, let that one slide. We’re talking sheep here, not philosophy.


‘There is so much going on inside here!’ Jomo squealed.


‘I think I know what secrets are now.’


‘And I am glad that you let me found out for myself. You were right, they come surrounded by darkness. And all of a sudden they appear, seemingly out of nowhere, poof. And they do lie around for a while, being unnoticed by at least a couple of sheep. And you don’t really know who they belong to. And it’s hard to really reach them.’


‘I also saw that secrets can be opened. And then you have more color inside. Even something that is perhaps written on someone’s soul. And when you look even closer, if you dare, you find all this space. These opportunities.. this.. eh..’


‘.. this freedom. That is what I enjoyed the most. And to find out that the burden of a secret isn’t that heavy at all once you share it, open it, come close to it. And that it is a little okay to open secrets once you find them, because secrets belong to everyone who is around them.’


(but psst.. did you notice there was a love letter inside too? Don’t tell anysheep else.. I also saw who wrote it, but it must remain a secret for a while)