One rule of life is this: if you ask a question, you create an opening. An opening for another sheep to walk through. And if he does, he might even answer your question. Questions are exactly made for that reason. To offer the opportunity to be answered. So we asked this sheep about his night. And he answered. He said: “I had a dream.”

Now you may know that this sheep’s name is not Mährtin Luther King or anything. But he did have a dream. The sheep looked down upon his slippers. Because they protected the feet he walked with, they were kind of in charge of where he was going. We mean, if slippers wear out, chances are that you don’t want to stand in the bathroom for too long, because you get cold feet. Or that you may not go out to the balcony because Potamotrygorgeous still has to clean up there. So for today the slippers are in charge. That is rule number two by the way.

“What do you guys think”, this sheep asked. “Must I tell about the dream? Should I tell about the dream? May I tell about the dream? Will I tell about..”

And the slipper liked what he was doing, because the slipper knew that soon he would be running out of verbs. And because this slipper was female, she hoped that the sheep would add just one more verb.

But because we are herders, we know our flock (or the other way around perhaps, because of the fact that we know sheep, we become herders, by the same dynamic that one becomes friends..). So we know our sheep. We know this sheep. And we know that this sheep doesn’t function under pressure. So if a slipper is waiting for him to utter a certain verb, the pressure becomes so high that he does two things. First: he refuses because that is his character. And second: his brain just shuts down even if he wanted to comply.

So here we have rule number three: don’t pressure sheep.

See? Total shut down.

“You know me well, Pota.”

We know our flock well indeed. If you let sheep just be, let them rest, then they will feel rested enough to talk about their dreams. If you don’t pressure them, they will feel the freedom to come to you with their story. And if that doesn’t happen, just look at their body, for it will sometimes will tell tales. And if that doesn’t happen, maybe they will bleat in their sleep. And if that doesn’t happen..

The slippers may tell. But don’t hold your breath. Because slippers usually don’t talk. They are meant only to keep your feet warm.