Picture this. Somesheep comes to you and bleats: ‘feed my sheep, I need help. All the clover in the meadow is grazed bare. Well.. the meadow is bare now, the clover is just eaten. I don’t have food now. My little ones are hungry.’


So. There you are. You hear the pleading bleating. You heard the question of this sheep. You imagine the little lambs shivering from hunger. And you love sheep so much.


So. There you are. You reach into your pocket. There you have a fifty-euro bill. You give him this bill. But you do not know that it is a counterfeit.


Now this sheep hops down to grassy lane. He uses the money to get some dandelions. He also buys a little yarrow. Then he hops back to the meadow. There he feeds his hungry little mähs.


Yeah, this is cool. Putting money to good use.


Now the keeper of grassy lane has this fifty-euro bill, right? He sold the dandelion and yarrow mährchandise to the sheep.


He goes down to the electric company. There he pays the general facilities bill with the fifty-euro bill. The electricity is also used for the fence around the meadow of the sheep. It keeps them safe from predators.


Always a good idea, to protect yourself in some way or another.


Now somesheep at the electric company has the bill. Later that month she goes to a store. She sees a wool sweater. She uses that fifty-euro bill to buy it as a present.


It is her birthday. The sweater is for herself. As a present. And would you believe it, the wool comes from one of the sheep in that meadow.


I like wool. And sheep. Birthdays not so much.


The owner from the wool sweater shop now has the bill. She gives it away as charity to a homeless shelter. There they use the money to pay for food for the homeless. That day the homeless have chocolate sprinkles on their bread. They rejoice.


Then the owner of the sprinkles factory goes to the bank. She  deposits the fifty-euro bill. But then the teller says: ‘I am sorry, I can’t take this fifty-euro bill; it is counterfeit.’


Noo, wait, hold on, before you go on, this is not right.. look at what that money has done!


It’s counterfeit. He can’t take the money.


But.. but.. it has fed poor little hungry mähs, it provided shelter and replenishment.. What do you mean the teller says he can’t take it?


 It’s counterfeit. He can’t take the money.


But it has done so much good! Someone’s birthday… feeding homeless..


It’s counterfeit. He can’t take it.


It doesn’t matter how much good it has done, when it comes to the final deposit,.. not gonna make it.