We know our sheep. We know for example what they eat. And what they like to eat. Some of the days there is a difference between the two. For example they like chocolate, but what they actually eat frozen bread with peanut butter. We also know what they like to sing. We know what they are attracted to, for example when it comes to color. We know our sheep.


So we also know when there is nothing wrong with them. And this sheep is the perfect example.


There is nothing wrong with him. No broken heart. No diminished concentration. No night mares. No hunger. No anxiety. No discoloration in his pee. No angry sheep in his past. No urge to run away.

There is nothing wrong with this sheep. And still..

.. ‘they’ say he suffers from this thing, they call it mähntal contentness.

‘They’ say he has the classic symptoms; he is cheerful most of the day, he helps others when he can, he bounces back quickly after a setback, he likes to do his hair in the morning, he wears pleasing sweet smelling cologne, he turns the water off when brushing his teeth, he takes responsibility for saying sorry, occasionally he goes to a movie, he enjoys making cheesecake and share this with others..

..’they’ see that this is a problem, or at least becoming a problem. ‘They’ say that when he continues this interpersonal positive behavior, this affect stability, these constructive cognitive tendencies, this healthy lifestyle.. that eventually.. well.. you know.. they say he’s on his own then, they can’t treat him any more..

..’they’ even warned him that the mähntal contentness he suffers from can lead to all sorts of other things that they have no control over and he can’t knock on their door any more for help with that..

..’they’ warn that he will experience reduced stress levels, better bowel function, prettier skin, increase of smiling, deepened friendships, more celebrations over the smaller things in life..

Labeling somesheep as mentally ill is stigmatizion, not diagnosis.
Giving psychiatric drugs is poisoning, not treatment.
Providing mental health care is controlling, not helping.

No behavior is or can be a disease