Psssst.. Come closer..

Potamotrygorgeous is in love.. don’t tell.. you didn’t hear from me..

Let me tell you, don’t tell anyone else, you didn’t hear it from me, okay? But let me tell you, because it is so cute!

I’m not gonna tell all, just what happens during 9pm and 11pm, because it is so cute..

There is holding of hands, hoofs, everything that a sheep can possibly hold, is held.

It makes me blush even, because I know. And now you know too, but sssshh, don’t tell.

My ears are blushing too, you should hear what sweet words are said, it’s sweeter than frosting. Even the glaze of my teeth starts to crack because of it.

It’s like looking in the sun, you know, warming but almost blinding you if you come too close. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an embrace that is so tight that there is no way to see who’s who.

And. ooh… hihi.. the words that come out of their mouths! They have all these made up words. I think that when sheep fall in love a new dictionary is published somewhere, and it it are all these kinds of utterances.. suddenly you find yourself making this special nosheep-can-understand-but-you language.

I want to hear more! More!

And now I know there will also be a friend for me someday.

I wonder who he is. Where he is. When he will come. What his name will be. Because he already has a name, but I don’t know it yet. Would he think about me already?

Ooh,…sssssh, if you know who he is, don’t tell, I want to be surprised.