Every sheep is unique. That is a good thing to know. But some sheep are more unique. They are so special, that they form a different kind of their own. They sort of branch of a new tree or make a new branch on an existing tree. But sheep don’t grow on trees, sheep are just sheep. And this one is called confession sheep. He can do a trick.

What the rest of our flock wants, he does not want.

What the other sheep can do, he cannot do.

But instead of telling you all the NOT’s in his life, let us tell you about what he can do. It’s magic.

I can open this box by willing it. That does not make me a willing sheep by the way. I am confession sheep. That means I confess. It is not that if I confess, I am confession sheep. No, because I am confession sheep, I confess. Confessing doesn’t make you to be confession sheep, it only proves you are. If you weren’t a confession sheep to begin with, you would never had not-confessed.

And I can open this box by willing it, like I said. Just watch.

It’s coming.

No need to even touch the boxes in the box. They will come to me. Because I will it.

See? I am unique!

Now let’s see what Potamotrygorgeous has ordered from Clinique.. and yes, I can only will bigger boxes to open. The smaller boxes I haven’t mastered yet.

At least I didn’t lie about it, right? Gotta stay true to my nature, being unique, magique confession sheeque… eh sheep.